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Flavor to ease cigarettes popular with underage teens will be banned under new guidelines from the trump administration may be washed a correspondent saga Madani reports there are some exceptions it's the federal government's biggest step yet to fight a surgeon team vaping it will ban fruit candy mint and desert flavors from small cartridge based E. cigarettes the kind you see at gas stations and convenience stores but two flavors will stay on the market back on my all are much less likely to be used by kids it's one of two major exemptions for the multi billion dollar vaping market health and Human Services secretary Alex Cesar's as large tank based vaping devices which are mainly sold in shops catering to adults will still be allowed combine the two exemptions are a big retreat from president trump's original plan to ban all the flavors from all types of the cigarettes I want to protect the industry Sager make on the Washington pope Francis is calling on governments to enjoy everyone has access to a suitable healthcare in an annual a papal message reflecting on the needs of sick people from his urged healthcare institutions and government leaders not to neglect social justice out of preoccupation for financial concerns the pope lamented in his written statement that many in the world have no access to healthcare because they live in poverty France is also described it as tragic that medical personnel and facilities have been attacked during walls and violent conflicts and decried that political authorities attempt to manipulate medical care for their own advantage view all says it'll stop hiring anyone who uses of nicotine that includes those who use the E. cigarettes and vaping products the company's new nicotine free policy goes into effect February first in more than twenty states with the company operates people already working there won't be affected you all international employees around thirty thousand people across the US and Canada and it expects the nicotine free hiring policy will help create a more healthy corporate culture wire last night on fire ballistic missiles at US troops stationed at two bases in Iraq we suffered no casualties all of our soldiers are safe and only minimal damage was sustained at our military bases president trump says of Ron appears to be standing down but US forces remain prepared for anything joint chiefs of staff chairman general mark Millie says he believes the Iranians were out to kill US troops and the fact that no one was killed was due to the defense of procedures and effectiveness of U. S. early warning system top administration officials brief US senators and others in Congress on last week's drone attack that killed the top general in Iran's revolutionary guard Florida Republican Marco Rubio says the guard has been a growing threat in the Middle East for quite some time not only am I committed there was a near term threats but that there is an ongoing your terms right exists today but it really existed back in the last two months of this year it's been ongoing for awhile one hundred seventy six people are dead in the crash of Ukrainian airliner shortly after takeoff from Tehran's airport early this morning at least sixty three Canadians were on board but prime minister Justin Trudeau says one hundred thirty eight of those passengers were bound for Canada and he wants answers in the coming days and weeks our government will continue to work closely with its partners to ensure that this crash is thoroughly investigated Canadians have questions they deserve answers a Democrat who attended the classified briefing by trump administration official says they had no intelligence indicating the plane was shot down a Connecticut man ordered detained on six million dollars bail on charges he killed his estranged wife a crime investigators say stood to benefit him financially as they went through a bitter divorce and child custody proceedings this is a pay news Macy's is closing nearly thirty stores in the wake of the latest holiday shopping season Jackie Quinn with more the comparable store sales figure for November December was a drop of point six percent it's actually much better than what analysts expected and a vast improvement from the.

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