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Me for them. Arch was just just being really cruel had inherited everything else that belong to naturally and yet he felt the need to take away some of a few things she had left Falana the question we have to ask ourselves why once this just another example of Agyei exerting his dominance dominance and he didn't stop there used before her death naturally it purchased an apartment for her mother but RJ had plans for that to rj throughout the one that Natalie had given her because he wanted it for Katie and he'd said she didn't need that big place so she we had that taken away and that was in the will that my mom would would keep that place my mom and Dad but my dad passed away my mom. was given a a monthly salary of two thousand dollars to answer. Rj's Fan Mail so she used to sit with all these photos and right RJ's name do the love she was given the photos she was given the envelope and she was given stamps camps and she would sit and write his name to an love Robert Wagner and put them in an envelope seal them up and we would have to take all those things to the post office and mail them so let's absorb this while Natalie was alive. She took care of him mother but but after she died not only took a home away that made her earn her keep by running his own personal fan club what I know from Natalie's will is that everything was left to Robert Wagner he knew that and you know she made provision for her mother and close being donated to her sister and if the the kids being taken care of by Willie Mae the nanny but all all of her assets and Natalie Wood was the frugal one not only what is the person who saved the millions shed many millions of dollars and many asset and it was all left to Wagner by now lonner understood the message that she was no longer welcome in our world but what happened next. Exclude shock is still. I got a call from an agent Lana Ruin Perkins. I'm like wow how are you how nice what's going on for reference role in Perkin's recently pasta why at the edge of ID Foale and was one of the founding partners of C. I. which is one of the most powerful full Hollywood talent agencies in the world's? We chatted superficially for a couple of minutes. He said I'm going to tell you something and tell you this because I I really like you as a person and I said what and he said stop trying to get a job in production or acting. You've been blacklisted by Robert Wagner. I said he knows that many people who give a good goddamn with our work or not said we got a child to support so I started had calling production companies this like Oh. This is what I worked as a social bruiser but I've been director of development I was. Vp them busy and I did this and this and this and this could and get a job couldn't get a job and didn't have an acting agent anymore because I had hung that up to go into production which I loved loved loved it and then I got the phone call from Rolling Perkins. I never said anything about the blacklisting because there was nothing I could do. It didn't work in the industry but I worked. I worked as a a sales girl at new the. Va furniture is furniture. I worked at a a doll shop and collectibles in sales and opened it and close the store for Adam. I worked at sprint. Guy Did a lot of things so let's get this strike. Lana Wood was also also a rising star and played a bond girl opposite sean connery in diamonds off forever and now she was a shop girl selling dolls and and mobile funds while Lana struggled to build a life for herself. Take care of her daughter and mother the unanswered questions surrounding Natalie's death fell by the wayside as she focused on simply getting by on the other hand. Dennis could not stop thinking about what happened to naturally he had to tell the truth about what he saw and he could no longer keep it a secret about a year and a half after Natalie was gone was the first time that Dennis this said to me there was foul play involved in that at least death and then it took about six months after that where he told me about the bottle smashing smashing and the arguing and that's when I started to go to work on writing and the from the minute I heard that that foul play was involved in Natalie's death. I just felt a blanket of obligation to get the truth out there. I mean Natalie deserved it on the next fatal voyage and I said you know what I think we we need to call somebody. Let's turn on the searchlight to see what you know if we can. Maybe were if we see her something because she's not here. Obviously she's not near. We now need up. There is no. We're not GONNA do that. I says well we have to look for is we're not. GonNa do that as we have to. Call somebody he's. We're not gonNA UNDO that right now. Either what's happened drinking and and think about and I'm thinking the last thing I want to do is have a drink and think about this. You you know there's a woman out there. In the in the freezing cold water fatal voyage is executive produced and hosted by me Dylan Howard and American Media Inc executive produces also include Kelly Ghana and Caroliina Savedra from trifles engineering mixing scoring and original music by Tom Monaghan additional editing by Josh work make sure to subscribe to fight a voyage on Apple Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts..

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