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Was advising James Comey and John Brennan the whole


It as an obstruction of justice trap for the president with the goal was always creating a case for impeachment and removal of the president and I just you know in my book I I've been pretty emphatic this can never happen again to a president a candidate or even an American citizen if you would occur is the author of the book above the law the inside story of how the justice department tried to subvert president trump and I find the title intriguing and a couple of ways first you specifically say the justice department obviously is acting Attorney General you got a first hand look at what was going on in that department all right talk to me about how extensive it was how widespread it was and how much needs to be done to fix the problem over there yeah

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Was advising James Comey and John Brennan the whole

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To a much bigger story that's the story that you're telling in the book will the bad actors here

Ben Shapiro 2 d ago