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Welcome to adulting like mother Father Welcome back for all of our amazing listeners I'm Daniella Monet the mother. Andrea Gardner the father and we're both adults. Why do you say Ed dolts on? It sounds funny. Okay, and if you're an adult, just trying to be one, this is the show for you just want to let you know if the sound quality is superb. We heard doing this year. We built a new recording. Called the car, the car and so far I think it sounds pretty good. Yeah, it's great. It's crystal clear awesome. So! Yeah I mean this is a good. This is good episode. You guys. We've got an awesome awesome guest on the show today. She's a longtime friend of mine, but you guys know her because she is just a haughty with a body and and she's an activist and she knows you know how to Rep for all the teams and I just love her. It is hundred McGrady so stay tuned. For our little chat with hunter and We adulting win fail. I sure do not. Oh, why are we in the car right now? Well. No I'll tell you so okay. So the adulting win is that we finally decided. To get a new roof on her home now we have an older home with an older roof and we've sort of been pushing this off I mean this is all these houses built in forty one. I don't know when the roof is done. When we moved in which is back in fifteen, they were like. Yeah, you need a new roof. We pushing it off pushing it off cut to the beginning of quarantine It was really rainy and we started to have leaks in our house. So we had like. Pots and pans like an a frigging movie. You know like capturing all these links leaks and we couldn't have anyone come inside of the House 'cause we were being really safe, so finally we were just like when the weather is better and we can you know build up the courage to spend the money on her hoof? That's what we're GONNA. Do so we finally did it and my fail is the fact that we have to get a roof. To have to pay for roof holy. Listening in your adult life. That you just never want to have to do. It's a roof you know and they're not cheap. They're not cheap. I mean they are real. Yeah, so I don't know yeah. I mean it's great. I'm glad that we're in a position that we can do it and I feel grateful to have legit roof over our head, so you know it's more of a win than it is a fail, but it sure does sting, and that's just being an adult. We can I okay. Go ahead with your adulting and failed and I'm getting into. The adulting is my. adulting when I. Don't think it's one thing this week I just think I'm. Developing more patience and you made a comment about this the other day and I really appreciate appreciated it. Yes, this is something I've had to work on. Your life throws all sorts of curveballs at you, and you gotTA learn how to deal with stuff and I. You know we. We've been through our own stuff. We've had your brother with us Anywhere that story extended my patients and then when you have a kid who's you know he's challenging at times like. Parents will understand this. If you're not a parent you might not, and that's okay. It it definitely test your patience and I felt like that was the one thing that I was struggling with early on I would talk to my other dad friends about that. I'm good with stuff. Until like a little mini humanist screaming at me, you know over and over and over and over and over. but I feel like I'm just dealing with that better now. I'm just in my head and literally allowed them saying yeah, I. Don't care I don't care I'll literally I. don't care man I don't care and I. Don't know if it's the right way to do it. but I think as a parent. You just do whatever works and that's. That's working for me, so I'm happy about that. Some developing more patients. Me As much I'm bouncing back faster so everybody that's apparently also understand like you have times where you get super frustrated. and I guess prior to recently like Am. I kinda three off for the whole day. You know it makes a day tough and. By the end of the day you're looking back at what's happened and all you can remember as how challenging it was. Yeah, that's not a good feeling, and I feel like I'm just bouncing back from that, and just letting it be what it is and moving on, and then we have like an amazing time the rest of the day. Yeah, it's so weird how we control so much of how we feel like our perception of the day. Because I think very easily, it can be very overwhelming when you're trying to handle you know all different aspects of your life like making a living taking of your household taking care of a nine month old taking care of the dogs like. You know all the little things that get thrown at you along the way. It's really challenging to stay even keeled so I. noticed a huge difference this week with you. In fact like you would, you would take him in the morning. And me like rest. You've got a good right now. I mean. It was really nice. I'm not GonNa lie, and what was great about? It is usually if I feel like you're taking him and I get to like benefit from it and rest. I feel like I'm going to pay for it like you're GonNa you're going to be like I'm done i. need some like time or whatever, but every time I almost like you were. You were chill like you were like okay. Cool well I think. I've always been chill like that I. Think you've just looked at it? Wrong, now, okay, you know what I mean like. I. Never made you pay for anything. I just was crystal clear about. Hey I need I need this in order to be like my best self, and be present here and like take care. Joe And you and like this was usually. To disappear for an hour to to go to the gym and be back, right, you know Yeah I. Get that. Yeah, I think like I. Think I I look at it differently like you said like I'm like. Oh, my Gosh, if he takes Geo for X. amount of time and I, get to just rest. Do what I need to do. Take care of me. I'm definitely GONNA, pay for it somewhere in there. But I. Honestly you know it's funny. When it comes to like your turn, and you know I i. have all my attention on him, and you're doing your thing. It's never as overwhelming as it feels like it's going to be like when you have your own time. You're like okay. I know this is running out soon. It's like the clock is ticking. I feel like I think we've talked about this before, but I feel like it's almost easier. Because.

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