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ABC News anyway. News radio time is 1022 major brushfires Sunday on opposite sides of the Metro. Late Sunday afternoon, a brush fire broke out and Cherry Creek State Park, causing some evacuations. Fire crews were able to control the fire line near the structures about 6 P.m., and the fire has not damaged any homes. This man describes what he saw Sunday afternoon near Parker Road and Quincy shortly after the fire started. It's like a scene out of a movie next six Smoke. Parker Road was like No coming all across it. And it's all that a reservoir South Metro Fire says they'll be at the fire all night. Mopping up and putting out any hot spots, if necessary, they estimated has burned between 101 150 acres, but they'll have a better idea in the daylight later today. Fast moving brushfire off, Morrison wrote in Lakewood burned at least 445 acres Sunday afternoon. Evacuation orders for the Fox Hollow and Homestead neighborhoods have been lifted. The West Metro fire is asking residents to be on pre evacuation standby until 7 A.m.. Investigators believe it was human caused. What they don't know if it was set intentionally or accidentally. The fire started around 1:30 P.m.. Gas prices are the highest they have been in a year. Trilby Lundberg is publisher of the Lundberg Survey. Gasoline prices are still rising. This time. It's an added nickel on top in the past two weeks to $2.50 Or regular great nationally, and there's a few more pennies to come that we can see on the way Colorado Gas prices are lower than the national average. They're currently 2 36 a gallon, according to Triple A. That's three cents higher than a week ago compared to a year ago at this time. Colorado Gas prices Air 14 cents a gallon lower and two former Broncos have made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Quarterback Peyton Manning was selected in his first year of eligibility. Safety John Lynch made it in his eighth year as a finalist. I'm Chad Bauer on K O a news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 F ound. From the veteran sports traffic Center. It's gonna be a typical drying on the main highways, roadworks taking places and causing me problems toward the moment you find speeds could be no more C 4 70 84 70 nothing interfering with Dr on I 25 through the tank center. Making good time on I 70 across town is gonna be easy and there's nothing slowing you down for the moment. On Pina Boulevard. They should make you way out towards the airport. 36 between here and boulders. Also in good shape, and you'll make the time on 60 liquid stocks 31 pinpoint whether you can expect it to be sunny, high and 46 Tonight flow about 10 tomorrow Expect a high of 39 with the low dropping down to about 17. Currently it's cloudy and 14. I'm Carrie Outlaw on Keohane News Radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. One was one of the greatest players in the game. The other one of the hardest hitting players in the game. Hey, why do you play the game? They know. Both are heading for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What.

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