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Live local and loved. Who are these knucklehead? Passion? We have no clear star. We can lose anybody and still be as good energy. You are obsessed with his mother. I'm a little uncomfortable with how obsessed with his mother, You are and a whole lot of laughs. Oh, crap. All of you live local and live. We have a show on a Marconi Award winning station. This is like playing for the Yankees. Here's Nick Gliniewicz and Jerry Daniels. Our number two on a Wednesday night edition Live local and loud right here on Wdbo one. Oh, 73 FM and am 5 80 Orlando's news and talk. Thanks for making our Wednesday part of your Wednesday, right here on Wdbo. Jerry Daniels and Nikki Football. Chase Bunker is with us. You can get in touch 84458 Oh, 93 to 6. That's 84458093268445809326. Also in the open mic in the Wdbo actress download the app. Cook on that open mic. We will play those throughout the shower. Open my question Tonight It is international ice cream Night tonight are on ice cream Day, I guess. Sorry. International Ice Cream Day today. Ice Cream Truck International. I theory Ice cream Truck Day. Sorry. Let me Let me just Yeah, it's a It's an important thing to discern here. It's an important point to make. It is international ice cream Truck Day. You tell us in the open, Mike the best ice cream to get From the ice cream truck is you are running like a crazy person down the street. We have that music still. I don't have it with me right now. I'm sorry. Maybe I do. Let me see if I can find that for you, Jerry. Hold on a second. I just watched someone went pop tarts for.

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