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Just like I got to get you my number you gotta come and hang in Montreal brother like they were doing this and then he turned off to the same thing and Steve Perkins said the same thing and that's got age was the other one from Pink Floyd pink fluid right and to get people coming home. Shows and dude Scott page, could definitely have to do your show. So I was like, yeah, that's fucking crazy. Oh, that's awesome. That's really cool that like, you know, it's weird cool person. I don't see why. One connect with the it's not surprising to me. Oh, you're the sweetest. Honestly, I call it, you know like a like a spiritual connection. Sometimes you just like by with people on this page weird spiritual level on this like, okay, you're you're entwined like this sounds so corny. I know it's like you're like intertwined with like my soul now like you're just such a cool person. We like Vive, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. It's a sweet home. I feel like that. You know, I feel that's legit more so than people saying I know some people think it sounds kind of, you know, corny or whatever but I think it's like legit the deepest bucking you can get with people. I'm not sure I'm very big into psychedelic. So I'm very big into like what's not really seen and like what's like this like, it's weird dude, like when you trip like it opens up your mind and like your heart and your soul so much that yep. To see and feel things that you never really thought could be comprehended, you know saying. I got into streams this year. I loved it. I loved she was my favorite and extremity thought I'd like to grind it up and put it on my pasta and shit. Yeah, I joined it up and I put it in like T and gets you fukkard like within 15 minutes, Yeah. Yeah. I my last shroom trip was a hero Dallas like five grams. I was like, whoa, it was crazy. All right, we're doing this off my God. We gotta do this f f the other person that actually was super badass..

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