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Into these dangerous temperatures volunteers with the night ministry. Visiting homeless people throughout the city both day and night Alfredo Rivera's one of the homeless under the Kennedy expressway who received assistance yesterday. Make a square inside. My tip with blankets and keep the heat. In night ministries, Milton Alvarez says they've been taking care of at least three hundred homeless each day this past week tensions continue to ramp up in Venezuela. Where opposition leader one guy. Does renewed calls for soldiers to abandon nNcholas Maduro socialist government speaking after a mass honoring more than two dozen civilians who were killed an anti-government protests. Guida insists he'll continue to push forward with plans to install a transitional government in Venezuela led by himself and members of the national assembly. Meanwhile, Madero tour to military bases west of Caracas where he played war games with soldiers and urged them to stay loyal to his government about two hundred fifty protesters are gathered in Greece's second largest city to protest, the ratification of a deal to normalize relations with neighbouring Macedonia the protest outside the Thessaloniki concert hall coincides with Greek president pro Capiz Flopolo Pavlopoulos. There we go at an. International holocaust remembrance day concert. Protesters angry the president did not weigh in on the agreement with Macedonia under the deal. Macedonia is being renamed north Macedonia and Greece's lifting objections to its NATO membership, and the member of a college students still the murder of a college student still hasn't gotten to court more from WGN's Roger badesch, Cheryl public defenders for a man accused of kidnapping and killing a university of Illinois scholar from China asking for more time to prepare their case because of the recent government shutdown Brian Christian since defense team asked for thirty more days christianson is charged with abducting and killing yin Yang Shan in June.

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