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Dollar bill with the irs. There is literally no warehouse. Mix up or shipping accident. That can slow this motherfucker. Downrightly i get. He's detestable in every possible. Way but the way this guy could pivot from seeds. Two degrees to blankets without ever changing his pitch. You've got to admit that is kind of impress. Yup what about warehouse look like. That's insane is just the return department of a home depot. So here's the quote. I'm going to reiterate that i want you. When you order this one thousand dollars to do it in faith too. So that one thousand dollars seat in faith believing that this is part of your seed into the kingdom of god. You're doing something for the kingdom of god we're sending out miracles happen blanket sick sleep under it or do what you want with it. Hanging on the wall and at this point is co host jumps in and adds again real quote laid over your bill because flailing of your finances put your wallet in there physically like. Have your paper bills printed out and then put them on. Hey listen to this. Put your vote in their your credit cards all the bills. You know the mortgage put it on there. We're having houses paid off this week last month and this month and i like hallelujah and quote honestly okay the fact that none other suggestions involved eyeholes in a hood is better than i expected with them. That's a win. Yeah yup and finally tonight matt saver with one t. has not died of cove yet. Oh so. I think we can all agree. That prayer does not work. he's still alive. It's probably the vaccine. He got an pretending he didn't get right just like almost every single. Republican member of congress and stable continued with his vast but antibiotics propaganda last week announcing that the co vaccine is designed by the aluminum for population control by making everyone sterile again with the so and so isn't dead. Opening stopped depressing. People who listeners. We don't know that matt saver isn't thank you report on right away with that minute. We don't know when you're listening to this. I'm saying there's hope there's hope yeah. Yeah i like to pretend he had his penis ripped off by a revolving door and bled to death. When you don't know that you're not right my go-to second. And just picture that rewind it gets pushed back on and the rewind it's really funny lookin' magical just jumps up there all right. So according to stay for the whole vaccine thing is a secret plot for depopulation and part of a quote bigger global agenda. This all happened during livestream hosted by world prayer network so the first question was probably something like so. You're saying it's the jews the atta producer. Guess caught that at the last second and went to a question. Somebody asked and almost quote here but Isn't that stupid because trump took the vaccine. Bill gates the fucking talking about an staffer responded. This is an exact quote. I don't know whether bill gates got. I don't recall seeing anybody injecting his arm and if he did who knows what they were putting it. Bill gates is definitely a social darwinian. Nist what like adolf hitler like margaret. Sanger like rockefeller like the carnegie institute like henry ford. So it's an interesting list They were all darwinian exists social darwinian. Nist it's just you. Darwinist is the same. We're just use the shorter one word. Anyway he he finished by saying they believed in evolution and quote all right. I'm not saying we knew that matt stabers issue with hitler was that hitler believed in evolution before he admitted to that. But i am saying we'd probably gassed right if you'd asked us if any bothered okay. Here's my question. Why the carnegie institute and not ri-. I didn't does does he think. Illuminate genocide was more of a board decision overruled. I'm overruled all right. You know it's actually called the carnegie shut up. Nobody likes and from their stabers started asking himself questions and he got super confused. He said if vaccines actually make you live longer. Why would you then say people need vaccines. Then there's a long pause for him to start making shit up his own shop town he's like well it's because they affect reproduction. The vaccines go to certain concentrated places. It has very high concentration in the ovaries and then he panicked again as long pause to decide if you should Keep going to a seminar about menstruation and sexually transmitted vaccine herpes here. And he's like yup. I am gonna do that..

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