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And I think it was very powerful to show that actually although we're a dramatization that it's important to show how that is affecting people on a daily basis. We might not hear about it so much in news these days. But it certainly is still happening and somehow we have to find a way of stopping it. Away from acting, we know that you've been ice skating on dancing on ice. You decided to give that a go, but what's the next challenge for you? Oh, who knows? I mean, last year I was a squirrel in the market. I mean, this is what I think this is what I quite like about my job is that I actually never know what's going to come next. And as much as you might want to plan and say, oh, I'd love it if my career went in this direction, quite frankly, what real life, you know, what it actually offers you. You never know, and that ridiculous phone call that might come through. I do like different challenges, obviously. And you listen to your instinct and see if you can give it a go. I did the ice skating because I thought I was like Bambi on ice and it would be hilarious, but in fact I then I then found it so inspiring and brilliant looking at how people can ice skate. So, you know, I just don't know what's going to come next. Who knows? Hopefully it's great stuff. I've still got an appetite for it, which I'm really thrilled about. So thank you for that universe. Bonnie, thank you for joining us here on women's hour and just to say anything goes is currently on a UK tour returning to the barbican theater in London on the 25th of June. Now I have been asking you about kindness and whether you feel that you are getting kinder as you get older, that's according to some new research from California, a couple of messages to bring you here dear women's hour, I don't recognize people are kinder as they age quite the opposite. I use crutches as I have MS. I can't count the number of times I've been pushed aside by older people in the supermarket while being shown great courtesy by younger people, another one, I'm confused by the kindness project as it's presents kindness as something positive. Surely kinases are just a really basic substitute for real feeling. How would you feel if someone said I never loved you? I was just being kind. That is from Julia. And one more I want to bring you. A brilliant woman's hour going to tell you why they have a growing kinder as they've gotten older. You need to talk to people around them. Please do keep your messages coming into us. I'll try and bring you a few more towards the end of the program. In the latest in our series about life after divorce, we hear a male perspective, Ryan, not his real name, is 34 and has two young children. He met his wife in his early 20s and married in 2015, but their relationship began to deteriorate after kids came along and they began the divorce process in November 2020. His own parents divorced when he was young. More than 40% of marriages end in divorce and most of us will have been affected by one, whether it be our own, our parents or our children's..

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