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Probably who? Because I riding. Bobby. Bob Other Day Blah do a fucking prick because I think Zito's right in the sense. I think we can say the other day for a long time. You can't. You just can't do it if he can keep using. I liked the three to two week rule, it's perfect. I feel like now. I, have to live within the three to two week if it was if it happened two to three years ago, you say well two or three years ago. Couple years before. The other. Day because it was previously in other day the other year. Wait fucking succumbing your bullshit two to three weeks all right fine now no three days to two weeks. Three days to. Give me a year and a half can't do it. No, no, that's half. Year and I'm very skeptical and even give a month seen now three months. I say it I think I, might. Forty two months. I think I might adapt to just within the year because what he said last year. That is probably what you should refer to something that happened the other day before twenty twenty, so you might as well the other day for me from here on out strictly refers to things that happened during the year. With a twelve month time within you all right now it's. January January first. The other day starts so shy preface the other year the other day you can just say last year and that's last year. The is added. Changer! Other day. Live on fuck. Bob Other quick question for you. Guys of the show and I just want to hear the debate, would you? Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of Cartoon Character.

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