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That message is going out all over the world not just to the committed ideologues but it's going out to all of those people who feel disconnected from their communities who are looking for a sense of meaning a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging it is true that have your fifty twos paci abraham's and your cruise missiles we have small arms and simple improvised explosive devices but we have men why dedicated as seer with hearts of lions and blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the world <music> so because you just walk me through what it is you're doing right now packing up right now the documents that that we found because today they're going to hyon scanner where they're going to be digitized and after that we're going to basically preserved these documents and share them with the public and the originals are going to go to the iraqi embassy look this this is from called hit more tunnel there's actually a railway tunnel that isis turned into a training camp hear these are all documents found in the briefcase right here is the mortar brigade this is basically the unit that deal suicide bombers this is something that hog found for me what about these these are the very first the very first of all that i found in a village outside of muzzle called more con comey of how are you hello see okay then good all right you're going to go with the documents i'm gonna go with documents and i wanna go make sure that they get their piece and say goodbye goodbye the documents documents well me the show was produced by me and emails and reported by rick meany cullum akhi in me edited by windy door in louis anderson the managing producer is louis anderson the associate producer is off the charter vevey the technical director is brad fisher music by william patel nate hindriks cliff martinez brad fischer takasugi moto david wingo in me lisa tobin is the executive producer for new york times audio samantha headache is the editorial director sam dole nick is the assistant managing editor thank you to michael slack men album melik hawk salman masud eric schmidt adam goldman ron nixon molecule brown i'm angela ultimately nassir dotty moving shake qasim holiday tug wilson alan trap john mccormack tony rippin while he'd hussein jabbar yousef still a tan julius simon scott shane michelle harris karam's molly mohammad shah mahmood james pet a not a joel level derek flood michael

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