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It becomes the organ of corti in our cochlear in our inner ear. And we add to that so a periodic oscillations which we hear pitches but he even the way that the spiral as of pitch moves backwards and forwards between points constantly and stability and points of dissidents. If you're climbing up from the tonic aug. when you get to the octave it's the same note. Just and that's the paradox. What is doing its echoing. Experience of walking where walking periodically moves away from a point of balance some back to a point of balance. And that is the capitulated in the vary. Periodic vibrations of pitch system is evolutionary in to go back to the evolution if you travel upstream from as a pithy scenes. Look at the history of tools. So one point five million years ago homo augusta. Who makes the first by facial flint. Hand axes you can say you can tell a lot from that in terms of evolution of the brain so Because so many skills are cross modal that cross between different modalities of processing and exportable skills. If you're able to make a symmetry in a tool so by facial access to faces and the beautifully polished and symmetrical devoted to to mek symmetry and to enjoy symmetry aesthetically that would transferred into sound. It's an esthetic sense and if you transfer symmetry into sound what you get regular meter 'cause to beats in the bar which regular that symmetry and sound so it's a ferry plausible inference that if humble augusta is capable of making symmetrical tools they can also understand symmetrical with mick patterns when that napping or chipping a rock. That's with mccleary regular. That wouldn't have been intended as musical. This just work which comes music which comes off. Work the expression whistle while you work. The majority of music happened whilst you were working on today. We we see that in in cotton holidays or sea shanties chain gangs..

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