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Eight eighty eight five eighty seventy five seventy six and you can visit us online it cue and labs dot com and out there they'll be prior abroad b all the radio listing times around the country and much more in the site is active now's she can actually porter product on it and i think you'll find lots more good healthy information and of course are radio listening times all around the country during the week so feel free to join us as well un labs dot com let's go to bury in new jersey and he's got some questions about i think country get it little larry cahan said are you there mary yes go ahead what is your question well coach morey as i use that as they wait home racquets who i think plumlee surge and they were as those who is saying i feel any action the help prevent and even pure this is it it's some people if you believe some people never heard anything like that i would say what you're up against is very tough you need to get help right now and if i were you i with callie or the line and visit was someone who knows q were a because they avila test your from head to toe they're going to be a love find out what the initiate is art and they may be able to give you a great deal of how but this is a very tough thing i've never seen any research on clm no studies that have shown that it has any relationship so you you your off against real tough for now you need to make sure you can bet gesture food well you need to work the bone metabolism we're gonna need.

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