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Halpern America is listening to fox news W. O. A. I'd local news the governor says the CDC messed up but it needs to make corrections and its policies immediately Abbott was commenting after word of quarantine patient incident Tonio was released before positive test result came back for corona virus epicenter Tonio in what the CDC did is completely unacceptable it appears to be a case of negligence and this is that can never happen again he supporting San Antonio's efforts to keep around a hundred evacuees of a cruise ship quarantined until more tester completed to prove they are not infected with the virus among the seventy five thousand dollars for the former volleyball coach accused of child sex assault grapevine police announced the arrest of Anthony Clark today so he attacked the victim in nineteen ninety nine and two thousand for more news listen to the daily dive the big news stories explain not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio out forever you get your favorite podcast I'm Kerry locking from the Fox Sports studios in Los Angeles watch a game action tonight the big story is a memo that the association set out to team suggesting players choose fist bumps over high fives and avoid giving autographs in the wake of corona virus fears now on the court the game of the night is in Miami where the heat of a fifty three fifty two lead over the Milwaukee Bucks J. Crowder leading the way for Miami he has sixteen points there in the first half now Houston is that New York in the next running away with a ninety five seventy nine point lead over the rockets inside of three minutes to go in the third quarter R. J. Barrett twenty five points for next so far in it double figures Portland has eight ninety two eighty eight lead at Orlando that's at the end of the third quarter CJ McCollum thirty two points and three three Utah has a ninety four eighty two leaders they play at the Cavaliers this is a Bloomberg money minute I popping games helped erase some of the memory of wall street's eye popping losses from last week the Dow saw its biggest one day point gain ever and all three averages rose four and a half to five and a ten percent the Dow up twelve hundred ninety four points the nasdaq three hundred eighty five the S. and P. one hundred thirty six investors like the prescription from central banks around the world to help ease the economic impact of the corona virus stimulus help to investors that spells a cut in interest rates but the corona virus may have a different effect on shoppers Costco shares rose ten percent with people bulk buying Oppenheimer analysts say though cosco managed to capitalize in meeting the customer search Amazon's prime now in fresh delivery services a bit overwhelmed by demand orders are being delivered more slowly than usual visa sees a different kind of coronavirus impact it's expecting revenue this quarter to fall short of targets because it's anticipating lower spending I'm John Doniger Bloomberg ripped from the W. O. A. I. traffic center global world problems but this evening I can eastbound between sixteen oh four great powers this accident has traffic backed up to foster the best alternates are gonna be FM thirteen forty six four benzinga meant to FM fifteen sixteen and an accident has I attend the lower level south bound between woodland Cincinnati closed the upper level there's going to be your best alternate route Scott west news radio twelve.

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