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At two or three i'm jay phillips komo news hello everybody hey we're going to start your day off mostly cloudy skies there'll be some rain at times today might be a little bit breezy as well so yeah lot's going on here and we're a casting our eyes to the mountains where we see some snow falling and there's a winter weather advisory up their keep that might have for travelling lots of snow throughout the weekend in the mountains and we might even see some snow in the lowlands by the time we get to sunday we'll keep you posted on that have yourself a good day in the komo weather center i'm steve pool great britain is now calling out russia over a cyberattack british officials say it was russia that was behind last year's cyber attack that disrupted companies across europe and the uk the socalled not pet yet attack started in the ukraine crippling government and business computer networks before it spread around the world british officials say the attack was traced to the russian military russia vehemently denies the accusation saying london has become part of the russell phobia campaign waged by western countries that's correspondent bill zimper reporting ucla is republican club is calling off a speech by a conservative rabble rouser ruin republicans cancelled last night a speech planned for this month by milo yannopoulos a facebook post says the speech polarise the leadership of the group the speech was titled ten things i hate about mix go and the group says the cancellation has nothing to do with any public backlash on his facebook page your novelist criticized california college campuses see said the state's republican students seem hopelessly lost in week as correspondent randy fuller reporting.

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