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Save his own life because they were threatening him with guns will no guns were found at the scene but the video that tmz got that we now know they paid shook night fifty five thousand dollars for because if these these calls was a sealed evidence video the lawyers were told not to release it now accorded the da's office fletcher did sold the video because of that video there's a moment where you see somebody reaching first some object right after this confrontation and the guys are run over and so shook night has maintained from the beginning that that object that you can't really make out on the video is a gun and he says that bolsters has claimed this was all selfdefence therefore he shouldn't be charge therefore the case goes away in the recorded calls and this is how this puzzle oh fits together in the recorded calls night and fletcher allegedly discuss paying off witnesses to the tune of over not witnesses paying off actors really to the tune of twenty or twenty five thousand dollars to come into co and testified that they saw that that object was a gun loud because if those people were to testify that way and go on the record it would certainly raise doubts in the mind of a jury and it could also prove even through false alleged testimony it could prove too for uh for a jury that that night was maybe not guilty of an intentional act and rather should walk because his claim of selfdefence is bolstered by this testimony so the prosecution files this motion it's like twenty pages it has transcripts of these jail conversations between i should say allegedly between night his lawyer and also nights a businessman guy named mark blankenship and nights fiancee wife woman named a toy something could they get in trouble for these calls oh yeah i mean the the only people nobody's been charged with anything yet that's kind of what's so weird about this too is that it's not like they went out arrest of these people for doing these things instead there saying hey we need.

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