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Notified the U.S. it intended to conduct the test Still it stood in stark contrast to the fact that earlier in the Ukraine crisis The Pentagon had canceled one of its own ICBM tests in order not to appear provocative And in case anybody missed the significance of Russia's test Vladimir Putin said it should make all those who would threaten Russia think twice A comment which a senior Pentagon official called unhelpful Thousands are under evacuation orders in Arizona a wildfire there has flames as high as 100 feet A fast moving wildfire just north of Flagstaff an area covered with dry grass and ponderosa pines continues to be fanned by strong winds that have plagued northern Arizona for the past week Officer John Paxton with the coconino county sheriff's department They had air support called in yesterday but had to be canceled due to wind I know they were looking at trying to get some air support in there today When Gus have up to 50 mph push the blaze across a major highway strong winds remain in the forecast Stephen Kauffman CBS News Prescott Arizona The White House says it's preparing for the end of title 42 enforcement May 23rd It is a little used public health authority to quickly expel nearly anyone encountered along the southwest border New Mexico was fined filmmakers nearly $140,000 over the fatal set on the movie rust Investigators found the shootings were not the first on set Bob genoway is New Mexico's occupational health and safety bureau chief Bush investigators found that there were two misfires of firearms 5 days before Baldwin's gun went off environmental secretary James Kenney says producers claimed to be following established weapons safety protocols However Russ productions management did not actually implement those safety procedures Kenny says crew members complained to their supervisors about the lack of safety but nothing was ever done shootings he says were entirely preventable Peter king's CBS News Our arrow Barnett says the FAA is not letting up on its handling of unruly passengers days after the end of the federal mask mandate the FAA now says it's COVID era zero tolerance policy for unruly passengers is permanent Masks had been a leading cause of in transit fights which the FAA says have been reduced by more than half since the policy began in January of 2021 At the close the Dow gained two 50 This is CBS News Never miss a moment top news from WTO P 24/7 360 five Listen on air on Alexa and on the WTO.

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