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And down run for them they have had to ten when seasons in recent years the adrian peterson year for years ago being one of them and then after those two seasons was isn't great it was five ten in one the year after was peterson was i believe on the simplest for the entire year or almost the entire season and then an eight eight campaign out that was hit by injuries so i mean when it comes to adding kirk cousins when it comes to how the fans are feeling right now about this team do think it's a thing where you know they're almost sort of tempered about last year success on a little anxious about what's going to come next or you think adding cousins and how good that team was last year has everyone excited for a possible super bowl run this year what i've learned in my very short time in minnesota i got here last august to cover the team for my first year as if you mentioned the word supra poll at any point before february fourth or whatever date the games actually being played you will definitely get some pushback his team has been spurned in is fan base has been spurned for so many years with more super bowl losses and you know one game away from it last year just a true monument collapse in philadelphia i think there is some trepidation with cousins just for the fact that people don't really know that much better than case keenum is he a cop ten quarterback is that what you need to get this team to to the to the you know the pinnacle of your sport when you have the number one defense in fell and i think that certainly helps going through there's going to be ups and downs it's not going to be a steam with twelve and four season book your ticket to atlanta for you know super bowl fifty three i think there will be some growing pains kirk cousins you know continues to process their this new offense and learn this new scheme and a coach that i you know veterans coach i spoken with earlier the fast and said it's a lot easier when you're when you're installing a new offense whether it's moving on from one coordinator to another it's a lot easier for just a coordinator stepping in and it's not as easy when you have a coordinator and a quarterbacks nothing into new situation when those to you know are you're you know you're kidding your queen latifah's that's gonna make difficult and because most more difficult on cousins than anything else so there is there is that sense that hey they finally have the missing piece with their quarterback they paid a lot of money the obviously believe you can do it that's you know the vikings you know if you're looking at the financials but i still think there is some trepidation that how much better is this guy they case keenum and if you see came them having any relatives except what cousins having or more you're going to have folks looking at the situation thinking hey maybe they overpaid per quarterback maybe they should have just had keenum or kept him you know signing into shortterm another short term deal in the off season but you know the market commanded this this is what this is what you had to do guys look cousins never come billable on the free on the free market ever except for drew brees and peyton manning both coming off injury he's healthy.

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