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So I came home from school, and I turned it on just randomly and the classical music channel was on. And the tannoy was playing Bruckner fault symphony. The children's. No. But I I was aware of classical music at that point. Nope, barely interested. I was more into Papuan recognize hokey in poetry. I read poetry since since I was very little that was a little hard to defend among the. Other beautiful. Must harbor, but anyway, so I heard the symphony from like halfway to the end. And it completely mesmerized me. I remember the tactile feeling very well. I was lying on a carpet in the living room. And I remember the color of the carpet. I remember height failed to lie on it and hear that symphony. And once it was over I waited until I heard what he was. And then I went to my, mama. I said look I want an LP of this. That's all I want, and she was a bit sort of a really Brooklyn fourth symphony as it. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's really cool. So she went and bought it. I still have that LP, and I've tried playing it last year and and solely on his crutches because I played it so much. It's almost there's more noise than music, but that was one of the initial strong impulses. And I thought this thing called classical music. Is really powerful and coup. When idea with this material either writing it conducting it undis- grateful. And at this point in my life. Also realized how much is about sheer luck fluke. And so you have to have the right ambles at the right time, and you have to have the opportunity to learn. And to study you have to have the teachers and you have to have. Community that can support you which makes me first of all feel very lucky and privileged. And also makes me feel very sad about the fact that asks the music and art spot in most countries in public schools, I mean state schools in this country. How the resources have been decimated. How little there is left for especially poor orchids. This makes me very sad. Because just think how many Mozart's might be they're growing up in some challenged part of central LA or some jealous part of London. But that incredible potential talent will never see the light of day. So that is something that I've been thinking a lot about an my remaining active years in this business. I'm trying to go more into education giving back to the system that has been so very good to me as a Pekka Salonen. Thank you very much. Did like you. My thanks to Esa Pekka Salonen. And Robert bound you've been listening to a special edition of the globalist. It was produced by your lingo fan and edited by Cassie Galvin. We're back at the same time tomorrow. I'm Ben Ryland. Thank you for joining us. Ups has over nine hundred investment analysts from over one hundred different over nine hundred of the shop is mines and freshest thinkers in the world of finance today. No one is more. No one knows more and find Find out out how. how we can help you contact us at UBS dot com.

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