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The eerie similarities between the killings of Ahmaud Arbery and Trayvon Martin


I'm Jonathan Cape Part and this is Cape Up Benjamin crump. In attorney for the family of Ahmad arbitrary is perfectly clear on his view of what happened to the twenty five year old Black Man jogging near his Georgia home. On February twenty third chased him let community until they caught up with and then they executed him like a modern day. Mitch if crump's name sounds familiar. It's because he was the lawyer for the family of Trayvon Martin. The seventeen year old shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida on February. Twenty Sixth Twenty twelve listen to crump talk about the eerie similarities between the February. Twenty twenty killing of the MoD arbitrary and the February twenty twelve killings of Trayvon Martin. Right Down Attorney Benjamin crump thank you very much for coming on the PODCAST. Thank you fabric down at their decades covering. They're for the story. So you and I got to know each other eight years ago because of the the killing of trayvon Martin and the similarities between the killing of Trayvon Martin and the killing of a Marbury are really. It's kind of Irie. Could you bring us up to up to speed on on the facts of the case as as we talk right? Now I'll tell you have ever similar those fat X. Between tricky behind and Ahmad Aubrey navigate tragically Ahmad. Aubrey was changed by a murderous duo of FOB. Said to a Gregory and Travis met Michaels and another man then William Brian who has yet to be arrested ads on this day. He is alleged to beat the individuals driving other a ambushed Ahmad and was taken the video recording of this execution ago. By saying a I have a teacher Johnson and Jive was on and he was a person who with are routinely. He liked to stay in shape as many people. A heat with said show as for whatever reasons we believe. We know why they did it but they suspected him of a burglary and a jumped into their pickup truck shotgun. Jonathan and a three fifty seven magnum and they chased him that community into they caught up with him and then they execute it him like a modern day mentioned. And we see on that. Video is so tragic Washing see that video. You can't see and that's what happens. We watched the execution of his young on all black man killed. We believe because he was racially profile. And the police show up and they take the words of the killer's apparently because the killers are allowed to go home and sleep in their bed. Bites while on. Albury is taken to the more you know There are so many things here In the The facts of the case that you just spelled out and I just want it there. Is the police report as it was filed in the moments after after the shooting after the killing where it says the witnesses said that arbitrary looked like a suspect who had been Breaking into that particular house and that They saw him quote unquote hauling ass down the street and when you look at the video I WanNa talk about how we got this video to begin with but when you look at the video. He's not hauling. Ass Johnson. He's doing what most people in America he is. Simply interest is and you know you put in contact. They come up with some a believable reasons. The killers down. It's you'd think about a walking while driving while black Both in general it is apartment literal while blatch Trae Bob more walking home while blatch may is submitted things Attia Jefferson sitting in her house living while black and now we come to Amman Albury and he's just Jonathan Wa black. They suspected him for that. All right let's talk about the McMichael's Chavis Michael Is the person who had the shotgun And fired the shots. That killed Ahmed Arbitrary and George. Mcmichael is the father who is standing in the back of the pickup truck with a three fifty seven magnum. A talk about why Gregory McMichael in particular is problematic in this case. Certainly we believe that the police did not arrest these murderous fob and said do also the cost Gregory met. Michael was a former police officer and had a thirty year. Employment will as a detected as a DA with the local district attorney. Glenn cowards so we believe they did not want to arrest their friends their colleagues and so that is what reason. We suspect Jonathan that they didn't arrest him. The other reason is even more heinous. We believe because Aubrey was a young for American that the police simply took the word of his white careless that he was up to no good that he was committing a burglary without doing any of appropriate investigation. Apparently because you know if he was A. Where's the burglar's mask? Where's the Burgers toes whereas the burger bags you know whereas the incident allegations of burglaries in this neighborhood? In the past says they suspended he had committed burglaries before. Or is it simply? They know that he wasn't a burger but it didn't matter because they had made a decision that they were not going to rest their France. Who happened to me? The killing this young black man

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