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That's because that's part of my unique ability so i actually didn't realize that that's hard for other people so it's been great for me but talk a little bit about how you help them see through their customers is. I'd love that I think i think you're right. david needed. it's we focus on what we do in every business and listen. Interestingly enough i do this for other companies is tough for me to do it for myself. You know i think there was a mathematician in the nineteen thirties. Mathematically proved you cannot see system when you're within assist up right so it actually takes the value of a coach to devalue hiring the experts you know because they see it from a different perspective and that's really a gift because we're so in our businesses were so in delivery which is so easy to get caught up in what we're doing rather the impact were causing. But i would say you know my first thing in enact. I actually found that. I went right back to the basics last year. know twenty twenty when the Pandemic kitten lockdown started I talked business. Owners that were essential services. And i talked to business owners that were completely shut down. They were invent staffing for example photography. They were completely shut down. Multi million dollar companies down to zero overnight and and and then in between and what was interesting. Is every single. One of them needed to go back and look at who. Now our target audience who create value for who wants what we have to offer and then what's important to them now like what do they want. What do they need. What are their challenges whether opportunities because it doesn't matter who your customers are it's changed and So you get right back to identify your target audience. What's important getting communication. Pick up the phone. You know subdue surveys find out not what you think. But what's really going on with them. And i found we've shifted again but i found you know again march april last year. It was just so easy to pick up a phone and people wanted to talk to you and and they were happy to talk about what their challenges were. And so now you can start figuring out based on what value i create when i have to offer to be positioned. Well you said a number of things that that Made an impact on me One of the things that you've done is you've continually grown and you have a growth mindset. I was doing a workshop about a week or two ago and in the middle of the workshop. I solve three different communication problems for three different companies and the person that chair. Running the workshops said how. I can't believe you did that in five minutes and i said no. That's a lifetime of work that got me to that point. And that's the same with you so talk about how that all morphed into up the book how you got the were without a put that together and how. That's all from a body of work that the entire career. Yes thank you well so the book up solutions the beinin. I love the byline..

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