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Whatever like if you're if you're state starts growing too fast so there are multiple and you know via the to the design choices with which we do is that first of all. They're proven and plus. We have a plan on our side. We can multiple side chains. Plus we are now working on different approaches so we have our backup plans that when if let's this jane starts getting bloated and we start seeing thirty to thirty two hundred dollars per second then we can easily create more secondly in terms of scale ability like lot of people would be talking about the skill ability but like matic right now like you combine all the ones like mir's mine all of them that combine number of transactions that they have their own minute. We'll have ten times that on our you know layer to platform tweeted about also that you don't mind it optional. While these we have much at a simple like to project we are much an option that option that so you know like nbc. They seventy two hundred transactions per second is far far away from even with this all these huge number of applications. We hardly see like four five ten transactions per second because you know that seles and so i mean we have a good part to reach the current you current level of skill liberty that is available plus we have the backup design choices that you know richie it can take to to the to the next level so the provability you know proven ness of the system is also very important because we want to have a production grade ready system instead of more experimental system. Which many system. I'm not saying that you know. These systems will not evolve the scan. Actually they can be very sturdier system and then that's why you that our approaches. We are not stuck on one particular that okay. This approach as i told you that we want to offer multiple two approaches. Who knows in one year from now. We'll be offering an avalanche consensus on top of tedium as to. Nobody's stopping us to do you know from doing that and very interesting but but you know there are a lot of internal things are going on but maybe three months from now we can. We can maybe visit this particular thing. And you'll see what i was. I was editing too. So i hope that makes sense. Yeah and it would certainly be cool to see. Two different consensus mechanisms being supported on matic. Before we wrap up here word. Can people find you. And how can people learn how to build skill apps on matic The best place to find us on twitter and telegram matic network handles and my bustle handles my full name at deep and well and i'm like if you are developing anything on the blockchain space and you want to scale your applications you do reach out to us. We are very supportive for the good depth. We had them on multiple fronts lake skill ability. You know go to market your reread effort. You used to investment investors and what not so you know their entire enduring commission we do and we have a very you know if there are at least as the levels. We have a very interesting building program on bitcoin where we kind of sort of give grants two thousand dollars worth of grant every month. And if you're building something you can register your application there and if the community vote for you you get to get a good part of that grant and you can kind of bootstrap your application. Great sunday thanks for joining us. Thank you so much for having me here. Thank you for joining us..

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