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Owe you a podcast now tro like one of your choosing of a franchise that like we don't know anything about but you're super deep in the Laurent. No. I liked this podcast. I was listening because it was a refresher on what actually happened in the movies. And some of the Lord it's hard to keep track of all these characters if you're not into it. There's a lot of people in these movies like game of thrones. Yeah. Nice may deaths. Ken, Jack, number one number one is chamber of secrets. I think it was the most true to the books, which is a very asshole thing to point out. But it's true. And it was also I think the most magical if that makes sense, it was the most one where you where you feel like there is magic happening, and you feel really connected to that like whimsical sort of nature behind. What really is like a kind of childish and stupid concept. Infuriate think about it. Like, that's one where you feel really connected to it in his bought into it with that movie. And I think it was some of the better performances in the whole franchise especially from. I'm in their kids stage like obviously philosopher's stone. They weren't very good this one. I think they grew up a little bit more in got better. Kenneth Branagh was a great Lockhart. If you read the books thought he would phenomenal job is him. And it was the last performance of the great Richard Harris as Dumbledore still think is the best will door is perfect old wise, which is what he's supposed to be not as energetic, yuppie, hipster guy. And I loved him. He was great. And I think it was out of all the movies. The best blend of school and like his adventure life. If that makes sense you get a good grasp of what he has to do as a student, and then also getting thrust into this world of fucking nightmares proportions that he just consistently thrown into. So I think that that blend was really great in every other one they sort of mixed it up too much with like that most arrests from twenty percents school life and then like eighty percent adventure. I'm team gambling t Michael I'm like, I don't think he's a good Domo or not a good representation. Again. It's a book thing. Are you? Well, James, I know you're you're number one. You have a video on it on YouTube. I belief recently, right. I do. Yeah. I did a thirteen minute mayo. Harry Potter deathly hallows pot one at just in summary while I while like it is because I like, it is all those things that you guys have been saying how it's they shouldn't have split into two. The other thing that is true. But I think it has the best performances. It's got the most most emotional moments in terms of the character interactions and also things like Nobis death really hot felt the infiltrate the ministry is fantastic, Satan, really tents. They bring back a lot of you know, a lot of characters from the past like Delors umbrage in Alexander. Who hasn't been in film since the first one on are really like a book like that section of the book because most of us just sitting in a tent is but the fuck of doing and I really enjoy that. Because it gets away from the school the school yet storytelling model, which I really like. But I think what says is maybe know that bottle and throws it away. So without that structure that he's gone to peeling not knowing what to do. And so that's that's what I think. It's it's my favorite favorite movie. Yeah. No, it's great for sure I mean, easy top three for me. My my number one is definitely hallows too. I think those two movies. Are fantastic. And they're they kind of so impressive about the franchise. I know they're base really good book, but they are able to make good movies and make them better in a sense as they went along. They're able to take good source material and turn them into some really good solid movies, especially something so goofy and Mike Webb. It's magic right. So many franchises fail like something like divergent or transformers where it's like, it's a leap to make it into a believable movie. And this the same people and grew over the course of however, many years and the same actors turned into these great movies..

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