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Stat. We're trying to verify that, but they've been doing this Hall of Fame stuff a long time. It's hard to verify. We'll take his word for it. Dave Johnson The top stories we're following for you today on WTO P Maryland's Republican governor Larry Hogan says he will not support his party's nominee to replace him in office, telling ABC is this week. He doesn't think state delegate Dan Cox is a serious candidate and doesn't think there's any chance that he can win. President Biden continues to improve, according to an update yesterday from his doctor, the president has a lingering sore throat from his coronavirus infection. Doctor Kevin O'Connor says in his latest note, that President Biden has been taking paxil ved and antiviral drug that helps reduce the chance of severe illness. There's a preliminary hearing today for 50 year old Chan Terry weems of randallstown Maryland, who tells police that she shot her husband Thursday night. At the Mandarin oriental hotel in southwest, because he'd been sexually abusing children at a day care she runs. Stay with WTO for more in these stories and just minutes. The suspect in the attack on New York, congressman Lee zeldin is now facing federal charges of assaulting a member of Congress with a deadly weapon. Zeldin is the Republican nominee for governor of New York challenging democratic governor Kathy hochul in November. He was speaking at a campaign event near Rochester Thursday when 43 year old David Jacob bonus allegedly attempted to stab him. Video shows Zelda and struggling with a suspect before members of the audience intervened, zeldin was not hurt. Jacob bonus faces up to ten years in prison if he's convicted. It's 7 48. And we do traffic and where they're on the aids here at WTO and Jack Taylor's in the WTO traffic center. All right, we still have our bellway delay in Maryland from an earlier vehicle fire. It's long been put out in land. I'm still on the outer loop of the beltway as you head between four 50 and the BW Parkway, the activity is on the right shoulder, the inner loop rubber necking delay at one point, got back into college park. We've got heavy traffic with delays still with us riding toward kennel worth avenue, but then your pace is improving as you pass the BW Parkway. Now you're in pretty decent shaped south of town. We do have some slowing, but nothing in your way. Inner loop before two ten, you'll slow headed down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge. There is a delay topside out of loop from 95 toward George avenue, then briefly in the big curve, two 70 had been slow getting into urbana, moving through one O 9, then again a little heavy in Germantown, and at the bottom end of the spur to get on to the outer loop. A shovel was reported 29 southbound near one O 8 in the middle of the roadway, may have a brush fire on universe to boulevard, hadn't hides filled near 23rd avenue. Now you're in good shape across the ICC, no real trouble there. They'll weigh in Virginia. We've got some slowing. You should ride the bellway in a little bit of Springfield, off and on toward Braddock red and two 36. V dot's working with the crash, 66 eastbound after the manassas rest area, it's along the left side, then you've got some delays eastbound in your nutley. Westbound had been slow approaching and passing the fairfax county Parkway, watching woodbridge vehicle on its side old bridge road east near antietam road and a wreck in Ashburn was reported northbound on more view Parkway near windridge drive. All right, watch out in northeast. Inbound New York avenue before bladensburg road got a broken down truck right in the center of the roadway. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic, Lauren ricketts looks like another day on the cooker for us. You're right about that. Low to mid 90s today, feeling over a 100° with that humidity at times. We will have increasing clouds today. A few morning showers, especially by I 81, and I'm watching some storms crawl out of

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