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I look at our coaches are support staff. We we have the same people that support do football player on equipment strength medicine. Academically are all the same people all eleven years, many of our coaches, so for me, the feeling of accomplishment, just looking at how great our people are. And then our young people that come back when you're at a place eleven years players love to come back and know who they're going to see and fill at home that part of it means a great deal to me. And that's support system was really put to the test recently as the program suffered a great loss. The father of co defensive coordinator Matt Carreira passed away a very young man at the age of sixty get somehow Matt didn't miss a beat through all this. How has he been able to stay focused at such a difficult time? And and what did it say to you about the way the players rallied around him? Well, first of all Jim in Carla his mom every three great children. Matt being one of them the what they gave him as a young child, and then as a young adult you can't put a price. Incredible person this program, certainly rallied around his fellow coaches, the players, you know, Ma knows he's loved here. And I'm I'm not using that term loosely. That's that's a lot of what our program is built on his trust and love. And so if you got a shot with that, you, you know, you got a good organization, you know, and I think that's what helped Matt Pruitt, and we've had some other circumstances here lately. Here do Catholics it's been tough and his whole life. It's not easy. But it's a lot easier to deal with when you have people around you that care about you from what we just spoke about two renovations to the stadium to the success that you've had in this program. You've been been through a lot during your coaching career a lot of ups and some downs as well. But it seems like this spot really fits you as well as anything you've ever done how much and how. How much of a part of this has has really touched you during your time in Durham, well, I'll tell you in this. It's a great question rich and go back to a time when I was at Tennessee, and we were playing Penn State offense coordinator coach Paterno was was there at the height of a lot of great things happening. And he's wise, man. And he told me something that it hit me, really, really hard. I didn't understand that time. David. I think you're going to be a head coach in business, but you need to a place that fits your personality. And it didn't rain all that much. To me. Then I heard it. And I knew I'd never forget it after I had been at Duke recalled it again, and I just smiled I was sitting up in my office. And I think the other part of being here is it the the the players that we inherited that were so great to buy into what we wanted to do. They remind you consistently young people do of what what matters most a lot of things at matter winning football games matter a lot. But what matters most is relationships. And when you find a place where you can build real relationships can trust people, then then you've found the right place. Hope everybody in their workplace can can build that. And find that because there's a lot of joy in that even in the tough times. And and that's that's what Duke has met for me. Speaking of relationships. I know you. You have a connection to Kenny Chesney when you take a look at what he has done what kind of parallels. Can you make the football? I loved he shot art of the boys of fall here it nuke. And I watched him work, and, you know, go back concerts behind stage and watch his team respond to him and watch their attention to detail. As a young man his attention to detail in trying to start his career his loyalty. His road manager. David farmer is a great guy was a high school teammate classmate. It gives high school and east Tennessee. So I try to watch all of these people that that you get to spend time around that are so accomplished. I'm humbled behind good. They are what they do. So. Yeah, I've learned a lot from Kenny Chesney, and maybe more than he would even know. Well, coach it's been a terrific start. So far foreign all of big one on Saturday night against Virginia Tech. We certainly appreciate a couple of minutes of your time this week. We wish you the very best of luck. And always greatly enjoyed talking with you. Thanks, rich. I have a great day David cut cliff the head coach of the Duke blue devils underway. Couple minutes in now and scoreless. Also today in the ACC, Florida state knocks off Louisville twenty eight to twenty four and cut got one of two types of jobs in college football. And if you hear me say go, what are you talking about? He's coaching the two there aren't experts. They're not gonna win a national championship. Is there a university in the country act? It is more known for its basketball. The Duke University Kentucky. And North Carolina. Hockey coach John Early xactly. Would go hand in hand when you write a university and the big dog is the other sports that puts pressure on you that makes it more difficult. You're you're you're trying and grabbing and fighting to get your piece of the fan base of the alumni the supporters of the pro to be able to elevate that football program like he adds at one of the preeminent basketball universities in the country tells you a great job to cut Columbus done and not too many people have one there. He has now had winning seasons in four of the last five years in on his way to making it five in sixty eight ten win season in twenty thirteen but they have made a bowl game every year. But one since two thousand twelve to go nice pretty damn impressive from Coca Cola and a heck of a guy. I mean, just a top shelf guys you could imagine by listening to interview last couple of minutes. So Duke and Virginia Tech underway and scoreless still. Couple of games going on right now as we'll get you all the action right here on ion college football. Back.

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