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Five i don't think he's eighty five star he's forty five years old now cologne made his major league debut on april fourth nineteen ninety seven okay no other active pitcher debuted until april eight th two thousand one that was ccc bath ya three players in major league baseball right now round kuna mike saroka and juan soto not yet born when cohen made his debut back in one thousand nine hundred total cologne forty five years old like adam venit terry how about that still going strong he has the third best strike to walk ratio in major league baseball this year unbelievable and as you know this year gave us one of our first thrills going pitch pitch taking a perfect game into the seventh inning on sunday night against justin verlander so grit happy birthday to bartolo colon let's take a break we're back in sixty seconds with carl rudolf for the minnesota vikings some baseball news the twins have reinstated third baseman miguel scenario from the dl after he's missed the last twenty four games with a strained left hamstring white sox catcher wellington kostya will serve an eighty game suspension for testing positive for ep a banned substance under major league baseball joint drug agreement he did issue a statement admitted to an apologizing for making this decision currently underway angels out of the three nothing lead at toronto as they head to the bottom of the third inning martine maldonado with a two run single albert pool halls is also singled in a run pirates and reds are scoreless and they are in the bottom of the third inning nhl news san jose sharks have signed forty vander cain to a seven year contract hoops news north carolina ford luke maye headed back to the tar heels for his senior season he says he will withdraw his name from the nba draft i'm deb carson it's a gauntlet of speed chaos and destruction when racing's biggest names had to charlotte for the next race of.

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