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And common sense told me he wouldn't have his job much longer. But commonsense. You would certainly think not. I mean, he given giving those facts if the facts were true that he's heard saying this on a telephone conversation, right, obviously, obviously that that would jeopardize your job. But what are the things? That's interesting is the young man they were talking about Giovane smart. He's superficially Bennett for one game. Then all of a sudden he's back. So somebody had to know something because an investigation doesn't take one day. So obviously somebody knew something was amiss to let device marks come back and play in the team. What do you feel about that? Right now, you're you're you're you're the leader in the clubhouse rining because you told me something the other day, and as implausible as it sounded at least part of which he said has come to fruition. So I'm going to sit back, and listen and gather as much information as I can. And then go beat my head against the wall. Because that's how I feel about. This case Lee is up next in Seattle. Hello lee. Paul the I think the word that should be focused on until Aleve. A statement is integrity. You know, kind of. No, no matter what you go with that. I I have really hard time believing that he's just completely an because of an informant so integrity should never come out of his mouth and anybody ever ask. Why they're continuing problems in any sports, the college basketball or football because everybody gets away with what they're doing somehow or another. I mean, what prevents a player from Keating? They don't they don't punish him. They punish the tips that have nothing to do with. You know, once I wanna know about is I want to I'm a coke, Tim Brando from from last night where I will start believing these people down there, that's will way that's his attorney. That's Joe alita when they quit hiding behind statements. And they meet the media and take questions and don't run away because until then it's all a bunch of garbage. Oh, I agree. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to stay it anytime soon or any of us. There's just such a cloak and dagger about all of the things that go on in college sports, you know, especially the all sports. But anyway, that was whereas thanks so much. Appreciate mad is in San Antonio. What do you got Matt contact by spring football game fall? But I wanted to talk about the thing of burning down Notre Dame. All it makes you really sad to see the P three form. And at this point. I it would behoove you to read up on on the the history of the Notre Dame cathedral. It took about two hundred two hundred some odd years to build it has been at the epicentre of European and world history since then so I would I would spend some time on that. Matt. I liked what I own springs Bafokeng phone. Okay. I like detached they take your saying in the secondary is got a really better this year, JIMBO Fisher last year, we pay mice Jekyll and Hyde. But I think this year that's going to be a strengh for us. Not a weakness the inaugurate. I I mentioned this again, I I really feel good. I you you may have been head of the parade again. But I feel good about what I saw on Friday night. Thank you for the call. Greg is in Alabama your next step. They Paul thanks for taking my call. Thank you the. A couple of weeks ago you had a older gentleman. Call you and tell you in his opinion, the real reason for them firing. We'll wait, and that was because of boosters who had undue influence, you know, somewhere to that in Auburn. And I think he's right. I don't think we'll wait was an informant. He's not smart enough to be one. And this is simply them wanting short term gain, regardless of the long term costs. Would you agree? I would totally agree. This was this one. I I will be surprised if we'll weights coaching on the sidelines next year. Yes, this this makes no sense on any logical level. So you have to think about it illogically..

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