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Looks at me. Ron Below Kube step off picks over. I guess the ball and I'm like Oh. My God, my bad I was like. You're out. Greg Ron probably thought you. You got a little hustler over their own first base. We got a guy that is deceptive over there. He will distract anybody if we get him the ball. That's amazing. Ronan locked it. He's like keep doing a case as long as we're picking guys off, but I never did I was the only time I ever did. I felt bad about it. I'm never do it again. Who somebody that was a terrible conversation. Anybody like fuck you. Oh, yeah, when I when I. First Biddings Ricky Henderson four four pictures back. So my hey man great i. he looked at me like hey, why don't you shut up? Next. Right and the only other the only place I remember Milton Bradley Bradley. Attitude great attitude anyway. I Not Montreal. He comes the first base and I was like you know open on the screen. They got you know hey. I career Bazeley hit so. Trying to be Nice Guy, I'm like hey. Milton congratulates man. That's really cool. You'll remember that forever. Oh families here, everything like that. He just turns. It looks, says nothing I'm like really s our doing it. Say Anything to me. Clean Up, clean it up. Jolyon adamantly me by the way I would. I would talk to the other punt returners, so whenever normally whenever you're warming up, you point one way to team punts the other way, so the other teams returners because they're catching their own punters, balls are standing normally like right next to you, and I would always every single week I am talking to them them. How good they are! HOW ATHLETIC THEY ARE! You're the best returner. I've ever seen on tape. Hey, if we get the open film are open field. Please don't run me over. Just Juke the shit out of me like I'd be like I'm trying to be them here. You know so if we do get in the open field at least I like. Oh, I don't WanNa. Step on this guy's face like I can tell you what that. So I had a really good I. really good run with everybody. Everybody was like very receptive. Nice. It helped me out with Joshua cribs because Joshua cribs tried to Juke me, and Senator Ron me over. Ramp over I tackled him, he stood up. Hit me on. A Helmet said I should have you off. But Julian Handelman the I don. He was back there I think it was his rookie year. I've never played against before. Next me. I was like. Tell you what your your center? Gravity's impressive? You're obviously faster than anybody thinks you are and I think you're going to be like the best return a fucking game. If you really WanNa, be looks at me. Catches looks back. Catch the ball. One handed gay does like a fake Juke has his helmet strap off, and then just runs away and I was like this fucking off. By the way took on back. He scored a touchdown on me. That game so touchdown. Unbelievable. Moment where I was like this son of a bitch subjects. Rain delays like this. Like what did you guys doing? The locker room just to not lose your mind. Oh I think a lot of guys will play cards now. Guys nowadays seems like guys are on their phones. You know back in the day. We used to play cards and. Guys who get games games a cribbage going hundred all that stuff. What's cribbage? I've not watched Terry Francona. That I think. These Shipley..

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