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Podcasts and more. Start listening free with a 30 Day trial. It audible dot com. I'm Rick Morgan on K O A news radio live everywhere in the I. Heart radio at 6 31 pinpoint whether breezy today with a high in the mid forties, more sun tomorrow, the high again in the forties. Right now. 40 degrees at DEA Heads up back country skiers. Avalanche danger in the mountains is high right now Warnings up Prevail Summit County and the Steamboat area through Saturday morning. Mike Cooper Steen, with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center says watch out in other places as well. Danger is considerable, and most of our other zones. So really our advice is look at the average forecast for the specific zones that you're going to travel in. On pay attention to what the forecast is telling you who Christine says the dangerous so high because of the recent heavy snow sitting on thin snowpack. Laura Hatch K Away. NewsRadio, backcountry skier from Vail Village, died in an avalanche yesterday in the East Vale shoots. And on Monday, three skiers also from Eagle County, died in an avalanche in your Silverton. The polar vortex is sending bitterly cold air toward the United States with the upper Midwest in Northern Plains in sub freezing temperatures for the weekend will be on the edge of that, and the influence of life here is just sitting our highs a little cooler than normal, so we're not going to see the sixties. It'll be more like thirties and forties across the region. Fox 31 meteorologist Brooks Garner. President Biden says the U. S economy is still in trouble. That's why he supports the Democrats plowing ahead on the nearly $2 Trillion covert relief bill. Many Republicans say the price Is too high. The Denver.

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