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Michelle Paulino fox news and is just in the lean on me singer songwriter bill withers has died he was eighty one seventeen it's time to to now your W. B. T. weather forecast from the neighborhood so much forecast center I'm meteorologist Nico Sir after a cool start it'll be a nice afternoon sunny and seventy four tomorrow another nice one seventy three but partly cloudy and then for Sunday partly cloudy again another high around seventy four with a twenty percent chance for some late day showers for new stock eleven ten and nine and three W. B. T. I. meteorologist Nick Koester mission because we are all just Terraplane today and fox forty six news at five fifty nine in Gastonia fifty eight rock hill fifty five degree so these guys uptown Charlotte now your WB two money watch Wall Street reacting to today's jobs report for March the Dow Jones Dow Jones is down fifty nasdaq up twenty S. and P. five hundred up about six now here's James o'keefe was sports New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft used the patriots team plan to bring over a million and ninety five masks to the U. S. from China three hundred thousand of those mass will be shared with New York health care workers we agreed to buy them and given to the people of the city of New York just to try to bring some hope and good will let people know we're trying to bring everything together and generate some good feelings meanwhile patter star running back Christian McCaffrey has created a program called twenty two and you raising funds for health care heroes monies raised will go to the North Carolina health care foundation and South Carolina hospital association foundation from the NFL Titans running back Derrick Henry signed a ten million dollar franchise tender Kansas City Chiefs agreeing a new contract with former Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins and the saints re sign cornerback PJ Williams on a one year deal Columbia grad transfer Patrick tape a Charlotte native has become medic from Duke just nine days after saying he was transferring there North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham is joining the men's basketball committee that selects the field for the sixty eight team NCWTS a five year term in September and replaces do Katie Kevin white gyms okay W. B. T. sport S. are brought you by Bojangles it's Bo time an unprecedented times like these information is critical so.

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