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But the first thing that comes to mind is the vocabulary. My. If you've seen that show the vow that's on Hbo Max Right now all it's wonderful and in fact, we interviewed mock the center last week on our podcast. Oh, that's amazing. Yeah. I'd listen to it. It's it's an amazing episode because the parallels between Keith Ranieri and Nexium, and Scientology are astonishing well what I wanted to get to. The the similarities because I as I'm watching that show and thinking about scientology and what we've learned on this show in the past something that really struck me were those similarities you're talking about and one of the big things that I noticed is this. On the surface, a self improvement program for the Individual Ri-. and. Aided introspection appears to be the way that you get to that better place you see improvement but both have this extremely insular vocabulary. And I just wanted to know in your experience how does having a like a large modified vocabulary? Affect the way you think on a regular basis is such an amazingly incredibly smart question that no one has ever asked me before. Okay Oh. Seriously this is. This is not unique to scientology. If you now study all high control organizations, colts, you will find that. Terminology that limits understanding. To are confined, group of people is an important aspect of keeping them under under your thumb and control. It makes outsiders all outside those who are uninformed and incapable of understanding. And insiders all smarter than everybody else because the only ones that really understand. And what's so fascinating about nexium is the terminology that Keith Ranieri Stole From Scientology is identical. They talk about technology and levels and ethics they have disconnection I mean it's it's a crazy amount of parallels between scientology and nexium the big screw up the Keith Ranieri made was he did not turn it into a religion. He should have he should. He could take all the money just like scientology does he could've had all the power he wanted, and he would have had the protection of the First Amendment in the United States and that protection is. is almost like being superman. You can walk through walls and do all sorts of things that men morals are unable incapable illegal to do and get away with it and that I think was ultimately the doubtful of Keith Ranieri, if he had had. The brunt fron millions. To wage a legal war on the basis that he was practicing a religion and that his adherence were following religious beliefs and practices, he probably would not be in prison right now or we're paying taxes. Exactly. Exact- bets but. You Know Ben. You say that and that is true. But from my perspective I have always argued that the more important thing about tax exemption for scientology was not that they couldn't. They didn't pay taxes. Yeah. That's sucks. Every every citizen of the United States is subsidizing scientology i. mean that is a fact. But Scientology could pay that they got plenty of money. They got three billion dollars they could pay taxes more importantly two things. One with Religious Status from the IRS comes no government oversight. Scientology and religions do not have to any record of what they spend their money on how much they make whether this spending all to hire private investigators to go rambling and destroy people's lives all lawyers to to just fuck with people for the sake of fucking with them. And secondly when you walk into caught and you tell a judge. Johanna. I am sorry you off a bidden by the First Amendment by constitutional law from engaging even in an inquiry into whether al practices are appropriate or not because there is a complete. Between Courts and religion, you can't go there..

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