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In and around area 51


Directly over area fifty one. It's been restricted since the mid nineteen fifties which means no one peers down to area fifty one without authorization except satellite circling the globe in outer space. The area immediately around area fifty one is referred to as the box air force pilots at nearby Nellis Air Force Base. No never to enter the box. Distinctly visible at the very center of areas. Fifty fifty-one box sits near perfect. Six Mile Diameter Dorf basin also known as a dry lake. It was the light bed itself that originally appealed to the C. I. A. Decades. It had doubled as a natural runway for fifty one secret spy planes almost everything visible on approach to area. Fifty one from the air is restricted. Government land there are no Public Highways Shopping Malls Twentieth Century urban sprawl where the land is hilly Joshua Trees Yucca. Plants grow for the is flat as Baron all except for the Chris Bushes tumbleweeds very little grows out. There on the desert floor is hangars runways dormitories and towers. They all begin at the southernmost tip of grooms dry like the structure is spread out in rows heading south down the immigrant valley floor the hangers metal rooftops. Catch the sunlight and reflect up as a different airplanes from Janet. Airplanes center fly workers into the box. A huge antenna tower rises up from the desert floor. The power plants cooling tower comes into view as do the antennas on the radio shop roof located at the end of one of the two perpendicular taxiways radar. Tennis spin one dishes sixty feet in diameter and always faces. The Sky is beams are so powerful. They would instantly cook the internal organs of any living thing. The quick kill system designed by Raytheon to detect incoming missile signals sits at the edge of the dry lake bed not far from the famous pylon featured at Lockheed publicity photos but never officially identified is located at area fifty one insiders call the pylon poll. It's where the radar cross section on prototype. Stealth by air aircraft is measured state of the art. Million Dollar. Black aircraft are turned upside down and hoisted loft on this poll. Making each one luck tiny and insignificant in the massive room light expanse grew mountain reveals himself as a massive sum of the richest nine thousand three hundred and forty eight feet it towers over the base at its northernmost end and is rife with area fifty history and war countless area fifty. One commanding officers spent weekends on their mountain hunting deer hidden inside. It's craggy lower peaks or too old lead and silver mines. Name BLACK METAL. And she had mine. In the nineteen fifties one ancient minor hung onto his federal mining rights with such ferocity that the government ended up giving him a security clearance and briefing him on the area. Fifty one activities rather than continuing to fight to remove him. A minor kept a secrecy oath and took area fifty one secrets with him to the grave at the southernmost end of the base. It's a gravel pit concrete exceed and mixing facilities that are used to construct temporary buildings. It need to go up quick against the Slovene hills to the West since the fuel storage tanks once House J. P. Seven jet fuel specially designed for the CIA spy planes that to withstand temperature fluctuations from ninety degrees to two hundred eighty five degrees that be Fahrenheit to the south on a plateau sits a weapon assembly somberly or storage facility business recognizable from the air by the tall ring of mounted dirt meant to deflect blasts in the event of an accident behind the weapons depot behind the weapons depot single lane. Dirt road runs up over the top of the hill and dumps back down into Nevada test site next door at gate. Eight hundred sometimes called gate seven hundred old timers from the U. Two spy plane days called the access point gate three eighty five originally the way into area fifty one if you were not arriving by air on the area fifty one side of the gate. The shipping receiving building can be foul and the height of nuclear testing days. The nineteen fifties and sixties trucks from the Atomic Energy Commission. Motor pool spent hours in the parking lot here. While they're appropriately clear. Drivers enjoyed area fifty one legendary Gourmet Chow

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