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Program of university california believer not on back in the early days of the internet and if you need to send something from you know from here to there it's not a big deal for takes one second to get there if you only send one thing but if you need to some something back and forth a billion times that one second is now a billion seconds if you can shrink that one second to half a second you say been enormous amount of time to amplified by billion so when you shrink a sell by making it cooler even just a little bit billions of a lot trunk's that flow threw it actually flow threw it more effectively more officially if you get a a so you were improvement there which is shown in better option consumption like you utilization there you brief you can measure event in the gaps that isn't that's pretty the from your body have you seen any other are researcher done any other research on effect so of the cooling or just entire house persistent on mitochondria will size are density or performance are and if you don't i'm not neighborhood yes yes absolutely and that it that has been there's a lotta work that's been done that area especially with people that suffer from heat sensitive disease like for example multiple score awesome or parkinson's so what you describe this fascinating because that's exactly what happens so it's one of the neurons has a small gap in between and that gap is colton over mph around it was a french anonymous that this covered this and what happens over normal core body temperature that pollsters all mitchell money seconds is very small and if you're lowered a core body temperature by very slight about one have to cruz fahrenheit you actually increased employed tood by four hundred percent eighth milliseconds so what happens.

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