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Do I learned if you're on, Facebook live. Randy Adams I'm wearing a referee's and I've I've. Taught basketball I teach golf at a. Private school I do all kinds. Of sports but you, later referees you need a referee against the biggest strongest. Professional team there isn't America this, car, dealers man they're big, and bad and I'm only explain all of. That tonight you're gonna love. The show I had a show this morning Saturday morning. And man we had tremendous response, on it but you can go to, Facebook live Randy Adams and every Saturday night we're going to be on. Facebook live now there's going to be some shorter little programs from nine to about nine twenty nine twenty five because that's when the Spurs knock me off of this show and the university of Texas longhorns and that's fine with me more Working on new stuff trying to. Get. Better at. What we're doing. Because I've got so much information you need to know about there's so much going, on in. The car business a business has, changed tremendously I'm. Writing a book the fifty five years. Of changing the car business and, the title of it, you need to know is from mom and pops to. Be in Ayers and the changes, in, the fifty five years, I've witnessed but guess what my little ending. To it to talk about. The future who's going to own that Thomas cars hey. In Austin Texas they're already putting, plans together right now for the lanes, to run the Thomas cars you don't think they're not close to the. Future man they're knocking on our door hey we got open lines give us a call to ten seven three seven twelve hundred ten seven three seven twelve hundred we got.

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