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Shows. Anyway it was a message to the star. Cluster in thirteen. Yeah we directed it directly at star cluster. Thirteen that's one of my favorite star clusters. The others are such a cluster. You know sixteen hundred bits or so of data it translated essentially into an image. Think eight bit gaming from atari days. These little weird images you can see what the images worked out to be if you do a little google search there but basically the message was meant more as a demonstration of human technological achievement. Then a serious attempt to talk to easy on this date in nineteen eighty the david letterman show. Premiered the daytime show. This one didn't really blessed now. It was a critical success. But people just didn't watch it there used to like soap operas and game shows and things like that so the show only lasted until october of nineteen eighty but they kept them under contract in fact they paid a million dollars. How do i get one of those deals is. I'll take that right then. Late night with david letterman debuted. They worry i nineteen eighty-two speaking of nine hundred eighty two to mary. Hart joined entertainment tonight on this day. She hosted from at nineteen eighty to twenty eleven and our voice. One time gave lady a stroke that became the inspiration for an episode of seinfeld. Go let's take a look at our birthdays for today. Several blair turns forty nine. Jason grants is forty four. Clarence thomas is seventy three jostle. Josh weeden is fifty seven and he's got a toughening say for me right now after talking for ten minutes. That's your look at you. Twenty-third thanks for listening to this. This today we do our best to pull together all the correct information. I try to say everything right if we made a mistake. And you heard it. You're super smart and we're super sorry. Subscribe wherever you get your podcast and give us a five star if you think we deserve it. If you'd like to make sure that we cover something on a future episode let us know that over to this is today. Podcast dot com to make suggestions give us feedback and seep or other podcasts. I hope you enjoy learning about today. I'm russ and i will talk to you. Tomorrow is learning more. it's grilling season baby. Get ready for that summer cookout but not everyone has convenient access to high quality meat. Luckily butcher box believes everyone deserves high quality humanely sourced meet. It couldn't be easier. Just sign up and butcher box ships a curated selection of high quality meat right to your home every month. Butcher boxes the most affordable and convenient to get healthy humanely raised meet at around six dollars per meal free shipping nationwide except alaska and hawaii. Right now. new members will receive free bacon for life when they sign up. Just go to butcher. Box dot com slash. Listen that's a package of free bacon every box for the life of your subscription when you go to butcher box dot com slash listen..

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