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People have been stranded on a cruise ship off the coast of California for days have finally been able to leave first off the ship or dozens of passengers who needed immediate medical attention they were loaded on the ambulances and taken to local hospitals interesting to note the two passengers who are infected with Kobe nineteen were also taken off the ship but those nineteen crew members who tested positive are staying on board in their cabins because they are not showing symptoms a group of two hundred thirty Canadian passengers flew home and several buses of California residents arrived at Travis Air Force base last night they'll be watching closely for the next fourteen days as will passengers who will be quarantined at three other military bases oxes Claudia callin in Oakland a new legal development in the mall reporting a two to one ruling the DC circuit court of appeals upheld a lower court decision in favor of the house's ability to see the redacted sections in the public version of the mall a report if it stands the ruling would give house lawmakers access to all of the reports blacked out words as well as underlying interviews and memos cited in special counsel Robert Muller's investigation because the house and it's legal filings argued that it could still considered new articles of impeachment against the president the majority of the appeals court said that was sufficient to authorize the release of the grand jury material an appeal from the justice department is all but certain at the White House John decker fox news new Andy Warhol shell has opened at London's Tate modern museum featuring about a hundred of his works including his images of Campbell soup cans and Marilyn Monroe also on display are three of world famous silver wigs Tate modern said the exhibition aims to show more human side of war hall who they call the tireless self promoter who became one of the twentieth century's best known artists I'm Lisa let Sarah this is fox news your your W..

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