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More news justices heard arguments over a Louisiana law aimed at limiting abortions on the plaza outside Chuck Schumer said he had his eye on the president's to Supreme Court appointments you all forward in a rare release Chief Justice John Roberts said threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate they are dangerous a day and a half is now past and reality is sinking in for people who live in communities decimated by tornadoes in and around Nashville kind of in survival mode of trying to get everything cleaned up and figure out how to rebuild from here really at least twenty four people were killed three are still missing one twister was on the ground for more than fifty miles former United Nations secretary general Javier Perez de Cuellar has died at the age of one hundred CBS news foreign affairs analyst Pam Falk Pariser choir was known as the ultimate negotiator for the release of American hostages in Lebanon for the cease fire of the Iran Iraq war do you want peace plan in Cambodia and most notably the withdrawal of then Soviet troops from Afghanistan S. and P. is down eighty nine points Dow off seven eighty right now this is CBS news never miss a moment top news from W. T. O. P. twenty four seven three sixty five listen on air on Alexa end of the W. T. O. P. app won't draft.

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