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Station. they would come in. Yeah and there wasn't fun enough. There wasn't as much country music back. Then it was. It was mostly. You know they're mostly just normal pop music against like George harrison the Billy joel elton. Stevie wonder that stuff then all at ballads. The ballots really made their way into under my skin at that point. I think that's what happened a lot of late lonely nights as a child kinda just looking out the window in the middle of nowhere and locking into the station. That was playing the ballot. That was making you really feel something whatever. It was some sort of Longing or something distinct somebody back home whatever it would have been so that was that was really like what i remember it really impacted. I think the first time. I've ever remembered it truly getting me. I was seven years old. And i got. I got my own boombox. That i can record on and i just remember at that time. Like a lot of the lenin stuff Was being played on the radio. So things like watching the wheels and yeah and women and Starting over stuff like that and so the combination of i think discovering his music and then him being assassinated and killed right at that time gave me an immediate connection to the artists. And then the the of of losing them the not being anymore feeling the loss. I love i really really loved elvis presley Growing up to at that time. Okay my mom just adored him. So everything was elvis elvis roy orbison kind of stuff so that was kind of early earlier. Is that a lot of motown stuff on. that's when we would get kinda. The tension in the family would would be relieved. Basically by a great motown song coming on supremes or something and then find by father and my mother both sing long. Kind of leading. Whatever stresses or tensions that were going on just went away. So that was yeah. That was when i was really seeing the the wonderful power of music in Roller skating a lot l. Okay love to rose skit. And so i would go and spend the entire. When i wasn't racing usually in the wintertime we can only raise there. Attract that we can miss indoors. On sundays he'll cool other than that. I would spend all day. Saturday roller skating. So go go for the entire day for multiple sessions sedan. With that i started to like break dance a bit. So went from a lot of the michael jackson stuff prince then in two new addition run dmc the fact that it was more that to me than i was young. I wasn't really into rock hard rock or anything like that. It was it was more just normal. Pop music dance. Music and a lot of that stuff was on the radio. At that time you know got sugarhill gang. And he was on. The radio is such a memory of the first time i heard that sugar and covington That song jam on it. I remember that was huge nucleus nucleus. That's who did that. Yeah really really big at the at the roller ranked specifically to i'll loving young artists like f- jackson's and mike or kinda got up to thriller than there was like musical youth. I love pathogen. My wife hates that song. I will play that song and she literally leave the room and my kids want to get under his skin. They'll put it on but it kind of goes on and on the house up. You know bubalo go around the outside rather than the outside a lot of that embed into shannon just love shannon like him you tonight. Let the music play. Wow yeah and madonna. As just seemed like every song she put out was was create so it was just it was just you know normal music. I wasn't into anything all that eclectic early on. I loved like when i was younger as well. Just things. Like baker street is still one of all-time favorite songs hall man. Yeah marvin gaye. I the whole what's going on. Record mercy mercy the whole record but it was just stuff like that. It wasn't anything all that artsy that that's something to come from me until probably around like sixteen or so when i started to get into velvet underground and door. Yeah very very heavily into the doors. Early early years were informed by. Wpa jane wcbs fm completely. Cbs fm nonstop. Like all those songs. I wanna get to two hundred. But all those old songs in the fifties and the sixties girl heard you're getting married like all that stuff like all that man though did singing or playing instrument come i. I think i did try to sing poorly. I remember for show and tell one year. I was probably in second grade. So maybe around. Seven or eight years. Old i i think i think seven commune second grid is i started early. I remember going in just having such a I'm pretty shy for the most part and not very outwardly about entertaining but every once in a while that the thing is i think something hits you where it's almost like you feel a need that you have to share it for whatever reason maybe that's just ego whatever but i just remember like i need to. I need to go into school tomorrow. And saying cindy can't you see I.

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