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6 39 on and Tampa Bay. He's Jack Harris on there, and Jacobson. She's Katie Pacino, the tip of a Lightning announced late last week. They're gonna be hosting playoff viewing parties at Amalie Arena. Throughout their first round Syriza against the Florida Panthers. So the first watch party will take place tomorrow for Game two against the Panthers at Amalie Arena, So that should be fun as I'm noticing, Jack, people are getting back to normal I saw during the Vegas game yesterday for the hockey game there were, I think close to 10,000 fans there and you can tell they make a difference. Yeah. It'll be nice, and we get him back in Amalie Arena as well. Yep. They'll be in Emily and even when they are at home, the Lightning fans can also attend home game Plaza Watch parties that are gonna be on Ford Thunder Alley. So a lot lined up for that. Dr Fauci. I don't know if you saw this yesterday, Jack. But Dr Fauci says that the corona virus outbreak here in the U. S shone a bright light on our own societies failings as far as impacted minority communities, and he you know brought up how The impact on that has shown essentially saying that has revealed racism as a serious threat to public health. Racism is a serious threat to public health. Yeah, that's a little hard to understand. Although I think blacks were hit harder by The pandemic than whites were, but that wasn't something that was planned or something done by humans. I mean, that was Mother nature. At work and we don't know why, but and I know the conditions going back, You know, it's you know, generations have caused, you know medical conditions such as lung disease and diabetes, obesity, But what we're dealing with now right now and how it impacted different communities. I don't know how you would you would change that, because as far as the rollout, the vaccine and the information The testing that was done leading up to it. I thought we did a better job here in America than anybody else in the rest of the world, So we did. So interesting comments from Dr Fauci yesterday, Jay Ratliff will join us with the market update just ahead on and Tampa Bay. Let's see what's happening now on the roads with John Thomas. Phil Masi seven Traffic Center. We have an accident and Pascoe it's on state Road 52 eastbound.

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