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By the faintest veneer of there not being a person mirror so that i don't have to think about the fact that i am interfacing with a purse right and that's fine i see as long as it seems advanced on with your wanted advance i just wanted to say nonemissive i don't want to have to look this person to me i i don't want to have to even have the chance that i might have to relate to they've got a here on a human level jake remember months ago when we went to that robot coffee cathay yes what if they're just the dude in there quickly like spitting his arms around that like earlier earlier in joysticks who just come good at manala harare's literally inside what if that was a canadaarm you guys what if the canadaarm is just really tall guy with the long arm waving at around yeah that's whenever you see video whenever i you whatever icy video of a bear i always just think it's a guy at a bear suited jacqueline it looks like that you can see that stuff about when bitcoin was really exploding in value late last year on uelmen just on an odd essentially almost an exponential scale and all the there were all these coin things going on and people are making new coins and everyone is buying the coins and people going crazy for credit currency they're gonna crypto crazy uh when that happened all the cereal sorry all this it has all all these other companies i made even mentioned on this podcast but like all these other companies that had nothing to do with cryptocurrency or an currency or computer is suddenly just like wants james watching alan colmes like the long island iced tea company renamed itself the long block chain company and its stock just skyrocketed yep i mean that's basically what we are describing here with a where futures claim that your kind of just normal service industry thing is powered by advanced a 'yes yes so you can still does like pay normal people to do it and they do it probably like as bowed as well as a computer can any way then.

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