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Episodes every Thursday. All right, speaking of exhausting. Let's delve into the state of the falcons at this point. Charles McDonald is, by the way, the, I'm gonna just proclaim you to be the foremost authority on the Atlanta Falcons. And I just did Sarah Spain's show last night talking about the falcon sides. I guess I'm the falcons guy now. I gotta say, how are there multiple podcasts out that don't cover the falcons full time? How are they multiple national podcasts doing shows on this Atlanta falcon scene? Because they were, they were the worst 7 one team in NFL history last season, and now Matt Ryan is gone. And the funny's not the word. But the kind of funny thing is like if you were to run down this roster, like if you did the power rankings of players to be excited about on the roster, you were like Kyle Pitts, AJ Terrell, and you'd be kind of like, yeah, this sounds pretty good. And then it's like, Grady Jerry, like, all right, yeah, okay. And then after that, it's Christmas. Come on. It's brutal. It's awful. They're terrible. I remember so last night, Sarah told me that she was like Harry Douglas who, you know, longtime falcon receiver. He said that he's projecting 8 or 9 wins. I'm like, Harry, what are you talking about, dude? Over the next three seasons? Yeah. If we could hear 9 wins by 2024, I think we're hitting in the heading in the right direction. I mean, 9 total wins, yeah. But like you said, the worst 7 one team in the NFL history last season. They were really, really horrendous last year. And I don't know if people who are projecting them to do better have actually one Steven who they be last year. I'm just looking at the winds right now. The Giants jets, dolphins, they beat the same Trevor Simeon's first start there. They barely beat the Jaguars to beat the Panthers and then they barely beat Tim Boyle in the tour lines like at the end of the season. So it's a really bad, it was a really, really bad season for them. And it's funny 'cause when you go back and look at the teams that were actually quality that they played, they lose the first game of the Philadelphia 32 to 6 week two, they got a Tampa 48 to 25 to get blown out by the cowboys 43 to three. You lose two wings and 25 to nothing. Again, 30 to 17 and get blown out by the forty-niners two weeks later. Anytime they play the team that had some semblance of competency, they got destroyed. And they barely squeaking by these teams that ended up picking out the top of the draft. So I thought last season going into the year, that was like the least talented roster that Matt Ryan had played on. He did just enough where they could squeak by and look like kind of respectable and win column by the end of the season, but that team was terrible. And they didn't get like, I think they made some improvements, but they didn't get better to the point where it's like, this is should still be a team that's projected to pick like top three or four in the draft next season. They often define was probably the worst unit in the league last year, and they made absolutely zero moves on that except picking Justin schaefer, the wrong UGA offensive alignment in the 6th round of the draft. A couple of months ago. So I'm at the point where it's like, can you get on NFL red zone? That's all I'm hoping for. This year. Can you get on red zone? 'cause look, I think on paper, it's a fun Madden offense. You got Mariota, CPAP, Kyle Pitts, Drake London, you can score some points on the video game there. I think it's gonna be a lot tougher in real life, but they have like just enough players where they might be interesting to watch like three or four times this year, but for the whole, it's really bad. And I think even last year, as good as AJ Terrell was, and I think he was like objectively one of the 5 best corners in the league. It's still just him like putting out an endless number of fires for the entire game. And Grady Jarrett, he had nothing beside him the entire season on the defensive line. Like they've got some more pieces with they drafted Arnold Abe at the caddy, they signed Eddie Goldman, so there's like a little bit more than they had before, but overall this team still has no talent for the most part. The highs are really high. I think we're Kyle Pitts and Adrian tyrrell, who are like legitimately elite at their position and then you're falling off like these steep is quick. That you can possibly find after that. And it's gonna be a rough season. So look, Harry, Douglas, respect you, great time, watch me with the falcons, but 8 or 9. If they win 9 games, I'm declaring it now. I'll print off a hairy Douglas tweet and eat it. How about that? They wouldn't mind. Wow. I was so sick. I was gonna say join Connor in the pudding pool, but yeah. Look at that. Wow. I'm not gonna swim pudding, but I'll eat it. I just kinda want some pudding. I think that's what it comes down to. Yeah, no, I'm with you. And I just don't understand, I don't know, from your perspective, what do you make of the kind of unceremonious departure of Matt Ryan? I think, to me, has the potential to be one of the dumbest moves by a franchise. Because like you said, Matt Ryan is still putting up adequate numbers with consistently trash offenses, I'm not ready to lump him in with the best of the best. I mean, he had his best year in the NFL. He's over the hill. Yeah. A little bit. But some of these guys still play effective playoff level football just by manufacturing first downs and getting the ball off down the field. I think there's a chance he actually is a really good year in Indianapolis and Atlanta looks incredibly stupid by doing this one. I already do look stupid. Yeah. And the way that the whole thing went down, we're on the one yard line trader for deshaun Watson doesn't happen. And then you have Matt Ryan's like, ah, well, I don't want to. I don't want to stay here. Why the hell do I want to stay here? You guys have Lucy tried to get me out of here for someone like 30 allegations against him. And I think that I think that Matt might be the best quarterback that the colts have tried since Andrew Luck retired. In the sense that he's not like as fossilized, I would say, as Phillip Rivers was, what he got there because rivers when he got there basically all you could do was just like run shotgun because he wasn't like he was kind of like watching Ben Roethlisberger last year except with a much higher throwing ability. If you run that under center stuff in your pushing 40 years old, it might be a little bit harder to get out there and try to run like some of the boot stuff, but that's what Matt's basically been asked to do for the past 5 years and even last year like he's still getting to a point where they played the saints in New Orleans and he jumped out to Mario Davis twice in that game. So it's not like he's this guy who really can't move at all. I think it's gonna open up the playbook for them a lot and for Matt's benefit. This is the best offer to find that he's played behind in quite some time. Like if it's not 2016, something like 2012 before that, when Todd mccord was there, Michael Turner was there. I mean, quin Nelson Ryan Kelly, those other guys on the line that are going to give him a lot of time and then Frank rag is, as we know, one of the better off of the coaches in the league. So I'm excited for Matt. I'm glad that he gave him the middle finger and told him to believe boss because he deserved to get treated a lot better than I think that that ended up going down and I think they're going to pay for it. I hope they pay for

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