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We're discussing some eighties TV series that were short lived and easily forgotten some of them were good, some of them were terrible. Some of them were just downright goofy. All right. How about this, Shaun Cassidy and breaking away, and I do remember this, because it was the it was terrible. And it was a TV version of one of my favorite movies, breaking away, which is what a truly one of my favorite movies, and I remember not, I couldn't believe it was Shaun Cassidy would take over the role. Sean, Cassidy gained teen idol status as Joe hardy on the hardy boys Nancy, drew mysteries. He took on the role of Dave Stohler, a guy who loves bicycle racing in the series, breaking away, inspired by the Seventy-nine feature film of the same name, the series may have done little better than it did, if it hadn't been caught up in the nineteen eighty Screen Actors Guild strike, and because of it, it didn't start production until late in the fall, while ABC had publicize it heavily. Is didn't seem to notice it, and it came on the air, and it was pulled when the schedule after it was pulled from schedule only eight episodes, seven of which were shown it ran from November. Nineteen November nineteen ninety two January Eighty-one Cassidy didn't see the film before. Oh my God. Cassidy didn't even see the film before signing onto work on the series. He didn't want to, to allow his take on solar to be influenced, by the way Dennis Christopher portrayed in the movie, the film was filmed, it was filmed in Athens, Georgia. His co stars were Tom Wiggins, Tom Brady and Jackie Earle Haley who actually appeared in the movie, but this time Cassidy was had given up on touring with his musical career, although he had released the album, wasp been speculated that he should tour somewhat to promote it. Barbara berry Jackie Earle Haley, John, Ashton reprised their roles from the feature film, Cassidy was proud of the show, and how it dealt with human human issues in relationships and it had no gimmicks. So. About this. Eight four seven says for seven Hello. Larry was a short lived in obscure. But nobody remembers it, but me I had a crush on the girl. I can't remember her name. Do you know Kim Richards? That would be Kim Richards. Hello. Larry mclean. Stevenson, it was notoriously considered one of the worst sitcoms in the history of television. And. And yeah, that was Kim Richards. I all I to she was in the which mountain escape to which mountain movies. She was in Tuff turf t u f f turf we will the no. Yeah. Kim Richards kidding. You made me play that she's on, she's also an assault on precinct thirteen she's the little girl with the ice cream cone, who gets shot by the gang members way. But that was it's Kim Richards. Kim, richard. Yeah. Her sister her sister, Kyle Richards is the girl who's babysat in Halloween. So they were in those movies, they were in those movies back to back now. They're Beverly Hills about real housewives. They're real housewives really. Yeah, they're nuts. They're both nuts. Now. Kim Richards was a ma- amassing crush a for me in the seventies. And they both appeared in great John carpenter movies Kim Richards was in a south on precinct thirteen and notoriously shot by Frank Doubleday who played Romero and escape from New York. And then Kyle Richards was the girl that was being babysit. Do you remember what the the name of the? Girl was in this whole time, precinct thirteen penny or was it, Julie, Julie, Julie, played by Nancy Loomis? No Nancy Loomis really Nancy Loomis is she's the one of the babysitters in Halloween. Man. She's a much older than that. Julie was trapped in the she Julia was trapped. She's a she's the brunette babysitter. She's the one that killed in the car in Halloween. So Nancy Loomis was like the she was the slutty one PJ souls was this one, but she's the one who goes she she gets stuck in the laundry room of in Halloween. And Kyle Richards has to come out and you know, it's Kathy. That's it there she is. Kathy Cambridge chemistry who gets plugged. Yeah. She gets to get shot and it was considered one of the most controversial. I mean, that was almost almost got it almost got the movie and x rating because nobody killed like you don't kill like a seven year old kid in graphic in graphic nature like that. Yeah. For for really no reason that was the that's the thing she just walks pay for sprinkles. Laugh at that. But it's kind of it's kind of funny in a way and I, I just think that, that detail that both of those sisters appeared in carpenter movies back to back both kind of icon roles in those movies. And now they're nuts. They're completely nuts on the Beverly and the real housewives, whatever they're both insane. I think Kim's even a little bit more insane than Kyle. But it's you know, it's, it's your typical, you know, Beverly Hills, housewife stuff. So let's see, here's I on WGN go ahead. Like, hey, Nicole. There was this one show. I remember when I was a kid. It was a Canadian TV show, but it would come on late nights on CBS much more viewings in America on CBS late night, it was called night heat. Yeah, I remember that show. Yeah, yeah, it was it filled it in a Canadian and Canada. But it made it look like New York and co by day. Always filmed it at night cases. That would that will last do the whole night. Right. Right. All right, then you went to see that one. All right. Thanks, man. Brawl night heat. About thirty something and you wanna bring thirty something back now man yet. But right now, they're sixty something aren't they wouldn't? They be like they would be like sixty something at this point that I'd watch that with that cast, I think. Right. That was in the late eighties. Right. That show thirty something. Yeah. That was late eighties. So eighty seven eighty seven to ninety one was when he ran. All right. Just in time with Tim Matheson and Patricia calendar. It was a short lived ABC sitcom from nineteen eighty eight. I don't remember that. Of course. I loved him Matheson. He's my, you know, contrary to popular opinion, the funniest performance in animal houses, Tim Matheson, autre. He's the best. He's the it's the funniest performance in the movie, and I know listen, I know listen Belushi rules in it. It's like conic. I love him the funniest performance in that movie is, is, is belongs to Matheson. So. Leeann says, hey Nick, I love listening to you. Thank you. I loved riptide. Oh, yeah. Riptide and of course Hardcastle and McCormick Hardcastle McCormick was. Brian keith. And the dude from cujo who played the who played he played D Wallace's husband. I can't remember his name, but he's the, he's the husband, the dude from cujo. The walls is cheating on him. Daniel, daniel. All right. Brian Keith, and there Daniel Daniel, Hugh Kelly, Daniel. Yeah. Yeah, he, he was in an has ex-con and a race car. Driver. Mark skid McCormick. Yeah. That's right. I listen, I watched Hardcastle McCormick when it first came out. I loved it. I remember loving it. I mean, I grew up watching, Brian Keith I love Brian Keith because Brian Keith was in family affair, and that was a show that I watched as a kid, pretty religiously Sebastian Cabot. Johnny whitaker. I loved that show when I was a kid. And so, so I really was a fan of Brian Keith, you know, what Brian Keith is a great in what the shark machine the Burrell's ever seen shirkers machine. No. I've not all you have to see sharks machine do is one of the greatest rentals movies of all time. He directed it to you got to see it. It's unbelievable. Sharpies shark machine. It's fantastic. Seriously? You gotta see Sharkey. He introduced the world Rachel ward. Man. You can thank you can thank Reynolds, Rachel ward. It's Charles turning his in it, Richard Lieber, teeny. It's fantastic. It is a Henry Silva plays the psycho. Oh, it's so good. You got the hell. You gotta see sharks machine man. Nineteen eighty-one. It's one of my favorite, but Reynolds movies of all time seriously of all time. Tom Sharkey to. Yeah. That's his machine. It's all the guys all the guys he gets busted down to vice. And so, you know all the guys invites they all work together to solve this crime. You know. And thereby Earl holliman is in okay? This is these character names, are, you know, understandably ridiculous Frisco. Yeah. Arch domino. But nothing catches me more than Henry Silva as William Billy score rally easy. Crazy hitman domino is, is, she's a call girl. Domino was recalled girl name. So you gotta see sharpies machine. Okay. We're gonna take a break. And when we come back, we're still keeping track on what's happening enormity right now. And we will cut away and present live to you, when Trump's begins to speak, and that'll be coming up with the news is coming up right after.

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