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Men or you're you're like wondering why they weren't there i was like oh man like jimmy dykes crawler. I would love that. I would love that. That would have been so fun design wise and Really for me. it's like. These characters were trapped in purgatory excalibur. I i really do feel that way. You know it's like i just there are there are like a decade plus of of kitty friday nicholas show for just like well. I guess i just don't care as much about what's happening to them because they're trapped inside excalibur And i don't know it's kind of it's just the series that i have like. There's just something missing. I guess In terms of what it is About roy moore. And i i should say i read i. I did not just jump into fifty colt okay. I mean i've been doing. I do a lot of x. Men reading. And i. I you know i try to read basically anything related your by years. We go through them. I'm sorry. I read a lot of the bill like i'm not totally baffled. Like i said by kyla nearby cerise showing up here Really didn't colleague. I didn't know that actually prime made it worse. So you know what we're giving that is You know you disappointed us. Dustin do better be best I would like to you know. Dustin in members of the lack giving us money do better next. Time is what i'm saying. He's supporting us. Yeah keep support and And defend and explain yourself I mean choices level right squirrel girl warlock in the honest nailed yohannes. I think that was the best slack. Issue recommendation we may ever get because that honestly it's weird that i didn't already have that and and a million percent. That was so fun to read. But yeah not just not not female like now. It's like the parent pitting their kids against each other. Now i'm just like i'm pitting are slack members against each other to right or affection on the show. Yeah oh no we. We have strong favorites. But no serious. Thanks so much for your support dustin. It's much appreciated I you know again. It's it's like i. Actually you know the one thing i do like about this issue i should say is it does one thing davis does a nice job of throughout his run is he throws it back. Two days of future past in some interesting ways on he brings up the relationship but any builds on the relationship between the older cape pride of the future And rachel summers as a hound. I really liked the stuff in the work. He does there with the few days future pass. That happens over the span of a handful of issues it's not just turned fifty Those threads i find pretty compelling nabi when you get into the full you know. It's funny because like in my head. I like multi-diverse stories but actually down and try to read them in the marvel universe. Are they ever that good in. That's kind of a hard question you you've said that a lot about monty like that..

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