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It? 10 fed dot org's slash power cash to apply to receive any advertised product, he must become a member of bed. Donahue with an AP News Minute There has been a spike in Corona virus cases in the Texas border city of El Paso. It's not good. It's serious. And the people of El Paso need to understand that the mayor of El Paso de Margot is telling people there to stay home for two weeks. Bottom line is, we think by next Wednesday, we're going to need another 200 plus Lost the world. A daily curfew is in effect in El Paso. Margot says he can't order a lock down governor is the only one who could do any form of a shutdown. I don't have that control. Nor does Judge Salmon Diego today, the county reported a new record high and daily corona virus cases. 1443. The surge in El Paso comes as president Trump downplayed the viruses effect in Texas. He mentioned a virus nationwide today at a stop in Pennsylvania were doing a great job. We are absolutely rounding the corner. I'm a Donahue. I'm sure. Police say the men believed to be from Nigeria being held on suspicion of seizing or exercising control of the ship by use of threats of force. Although they have not been charged. Please say the 22 crew members of the novel Andromeda a safe and well after the raid, which unfolded after darkness fell. On Sunday, Special Boat Service commanders were lowered by rope from helicopters onto the tanker whose crew had locked themselves in a secure part of the ship. Within minutes, the stairways were in custody. Charles Ledesma, London. AP News I made Donna a full Senate vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Cockney Barrett is expected later today. Senate Democrats want Vice President Mike Pence to skip.

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