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A diving at Tampa goes right by the glove of Colin Moran down the third base line where keys Dez is into score three. To one giant John Lee gets himself a second hit, they did, pitch on And he. Took advantage of it And as Dave subsequently said Would Gorky scored from second perhaps because he did slow the ball up at didn't, went into the shallow outfield but there's a good chance that he would not have scored would have been a very great bit of daring on the base paths to try to score. From, second in that ball anyway he scored easily because he had gotten himself over to third base with that hedge base running show the giants with a two run inning at, a three to one lead and they got another run in the sixth inning and Gorky was involved. In that one as well Crawford let off the only with a walk and then Gorky. Hit into a force play so he was at first and with Joe panic, batting tried to steal second and he, was not gonna make it but the throat to. Jordy Mercer who was covering it was almost like one of those balls where Mercer tried to apply a tag before he, had actually caught the ball the. Ball ticked off his glove he did apply the tag, but with an empty glove and. He would have gotten him but the ball was not. In the glove enrolled away so. Gorky was safe at second the initially Squirted a steal but then changed chronic correctly to error on Mercer so that was sort of just, some bookkeeping because he was in. Scoring position now with one out for Joe panic is, a stretch again Gorky away from. Second to a to pitch swing there's.

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