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Releasing Emotions from the Body



Hello everyone welcome back to energy healing with me Heidi Lane. I received a question and I wanted to devote a whole episode to it because I do believe at something that many people struggle with and this person is not alone in their question is so their question was. I've been listening to your podcast a lot and I wanted to ask you for some advice. I've always blocked my emotions to the point where I'm very numb to a lot of bad things that happen since. Getting more into my energy and spirituality. I'm so aware of the fact that I want to cry. I haven't cried hard and probably two years but I always feel this way on my chest that I can't get rid of. I practiced guided meditations opening my heart Chakra. Which has helped bring emotions to the surface but right when they get there it goes away. I don't know if this makes any sense but hopefully you have some words of wisdom for me so the good news is this does make sense. This makes so much sense and it's something that I have even struggled. I struggled with this for a long time and still an occasion struggle with it. It's an ongoing process Working with our emotions so I've talked about emotions throughout various episodes. Let's maybe start with Y? We block our emotions. Why is it so difficult to connect with our emotion sometimes? There's a lot of reasons for this. There could be some trauma what sh needs to be healed resolved and that certainly takes time and depending on what the trauma is and helps densities. It is working with a psychotherapist can be super beneficial for that especially one who specializes in trauma but in general unpleasant emotions negative emotions were not going to label emotions negative or positive. We're GONNA use pleasant or unpleasant. I'm pleasant emotions are not fun to deal with. They aren't fun especially if we're not sure where that emotion is coming from or perhaps we feel like we shouldn't feel that way or we just don't want to experience it. We only want to experience the pleasant emotions that is a big culprit for unpleasant emotions getting blocked and getting suppressed now. When we suppress emotions any kind of emotion it creates a blockage in our energy because emotions are energy so in that creates a blockage. It shows up in shock res- It shows up. We have our seven primary shockers but are also so many thousands of minor shock res- as well. So how do we know if we are blocking and emotion? Our physical bodies provide us with a lot of clues as to what it is. We are feeling emotionally so doing a full body scan every single day to help to new in to what it is. You are feeling so doing that. Full body scan starting at the top of your head all the way down to your toes scanning yourself to see what thoughts are surfacing what emotions are surfacing and what physical sensations are surfacing. Now it's also important to do this body scan win. You are experiencing emotion in the moment so when you're feeling angry doing that body scan and noticing where it is. You're feeling your anger. Maybe you notice that your neck gets kind of tensor shoulders. Get tense may be feel it in your chest. There's no right or wrong. There is really tuning in to find out where you feel it specifically so that way when that physical sensation comes up in your body it can automatically clues to. Oh I'm feeling this right now. I'll also say because the listener mentioned that they've been working on opening their heart. Shaqra more sometimes. That's not what's needed. Because our authentic emotions reside in our sequel Shaqra so in her gut. Our Heart Shaqra is great for compassion and love. It also can hold grief or anger by our sacred. Shaqra is where we hold our emotions. So if we're too hot up being in our heart Chakra where neglecting a whole other area. So what does that mean are? Authentic emotions are authentic. Emotions are what or how we really feel about things. We spend a lot of time up in our heads. A Lotta time with our thoughts and our thoughts are often misleading. I'm taking this class The science of Wellbeing Yale Class. But it's free so if you haven't heard of it I would encourage you to check it out. Talks about happiness and cultivating more happiness. She talks about this. A little bit in that. Our initial intuitions about things from our mind from our thoughts are very often wrong and this creates a lot of unhappiness. So when you pick up on an emotion when you recognize that there's emotion within you or you're feeling it just stop and sit with it firmament because it may not be what. You're really fueling. Our authentic emotions are generally calm and their shared with you as information rather than being this blaring alarm foghorn from your brain because our thoughts are basically a runaway train so if it creates an emotion emotional reaction to something and allow that trained to take off without emotion with all of these thoughts. It's going to make it very difficult for to stop that train. So that way you can figure out what it is. You're actually feeling

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