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The vast array of knowledge and experience showcased in this podcast is immeasurably valuable age as a skilled communicator. He takes the show in segments and summarizes. The information offered from the specialists in a way that is easy to digest and remember. I love the raw honesty that goes into the questions and their answers every episode truly. This podcast has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for what you do and please continue leading the way for those of us who are young and searching wow. What a wonderful wonderful attitude review. Thanks a lot for sharing. Our listeners are definitely the best action. If you live for me to read out your review as well and the process of super simple to my seven jucker dot com forward slash review mice chocolate has dot com slash review right here review but don't forget hit summit and what you do that I'll read out your review to our thousands of thousands of listeners around the world all right so moving onto our guest for today sleep. Our guest is Certified Body Doc Practitioner Speaker and author of the Amazon Bestseller. You are not your diagnosis. She she holds a masters degree in somatic psychology and after being diagnosed with leukemia the age of five she became passionate about sharing with the world hum message that just because a doctor has said an illness chronic are incurable. It doesn't mean that it has to be a life sentence for you. Oh and that Western medicine isn't the only approach to healing and what are the other approaches where you're gonNA find out on today's episode action drive our guest today is Lynn del Mistral Thompson Lynn. Welcome to our show..

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