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Paul Manafort, Amy Berman Jackson, Christopher Nolan discussed on AP 24 Hour News


It's the latest reaction to last weekend's crash of a max eight jetliner in Ethiopia, the entire European Union and Australia have grounded the Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight jetliners from their airspace and New Zealand and Fiji have suspended. Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight flights in and out of the two countries in the United States, the FAA has not grounded the max aids. And Canada's transport minister says he has no plans to ground Canada's fleet of seven thirty seven max aircraft. I Mike Rossier for the second time this month. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been sentenced to prison time as part of the special counsels Russia investigation AP Washington correspondent saga megani? Reports from the White House metaphor was sentenced last week to roughly four years in prison in a separate case and will serve about three and a half years on top of that Manafort had pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy. Which could have landed him ten years in prison. Judge Amy Berman Jackson handed down the sentence after saying she'd give Manafort credit for accepting responsibility. But she also laced into it over the crimes Manafort earlier read, a statement pleading for leniency saying he's sorry for what he's done and asked the judge to not give him more jail time into instead. Let him get back to being his wife's primary caregiver. Saga megani? At the White House. Batman celebrates his eightieth birthday this year with celebrations going on around the world on the big screen. Christopher Nolan's dark Knight trilogy star. Christian bale is returning to select theaters and high resolution, seventy millimeter. I'm ex Warner Brothers president of domestic distribution. Jeff Goldstein said the engagement will kick off in Los Angeles at Universal City walk March thirtieth with back-to-back screenings of Batman begins the dark Knight and the dark. Knight rises. No one will be there. Taking part in a Q and A session between the second and third films on April thirteenth the trilogy will screen in New York. San Francisco Toronto and Indianapolis audiences can also see footage from Nolan's Cuban day. The Cape crusader first appeared.

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Paul Manafort, Amy Berman Jackson, Christopher Nolan discussed on AP 24 Hour News

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