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Not Beyond the Mississippi. They've gotTA travel a lot in even just sixty games. That's a lot of risk taking. That's going to be done in a very short period of time. As interesting, because I in my opinion and I'd love to get into this for a little bit just for you know I think baseball can be okay because it's going to be. Outside and I think baseball is a sport where the players don't need to be on top of each other now the NBA. They're going to be indoors. Yeah, and they're sweating all over each other for two and a half hours. I think the NBA is the one that's going to have the bigger issues. Now you? You could be right You're probably right Yes, it's close quarters. They're hunkered down in in in one place. And of course, the the support staff are not going to be quarantined from what I understand, right? They're going to be out in the community, and they're going to be in the community as we've been talking about. Florida is spiralling with fifty five hundred new kittens just today on Wednesday, so yeah I think you're right. I think the NBA probably the odds are are much tougher for the NBA to get through the whole thing, but but even baseball I just think that now look where I saw, somebody used the verb bull rush for the NFL the NFL's tournament. We'll rush through COVID. I, think all the major sports are trying to do that. I think it's a great verb that describes it and fingers crossed, but the odds are really steep that we're going to get through any of these seasons. It's funny. You say that because here we are talking about. You mentioned MLB I mentioned. NBA and the NFL has seemed to basically. been the one that's been able to escape through COVID. Pretty you know their draft got into. You know a lot of the draft in Vegas, but then they put it on TV and ESPN had bonkers ratings for it, and they've been able to really I think fly under the radar and who knows what's going to happen with the NFL, but I I said this. I think I said this on the podcast last week with Andrew, Marshall and maybe. The one that no. I shouldn't say that about that's. The one that's getting I think the least amount of attention that will end up being the most fascinating one in all of this will be college football because of the differences in every state I mean I think that if Alabama played a football game today at eight eight thousand fans, chill out masks and ready to go. Yes, Sir and I won't make any other derogatory statements about the people in Alabama, but then you have states like you mentioned where you Texas who you know. Where there now you know the governor is basically telling. You need to wear masks so I don't know what college football I think is the one where we as a collective. The media, but the media sort of we're. We're so focused on MLB, NBA and NFL. I in college is going to be a complete show. Absolutely it will be and you know I. I don't know how a place like a single college if it has a team that has an issue in the big ten. You Hypothetical Michigan has a problem. A lot of players have covid. What happens to the big tent if they're trying to. If they're trying to play through with just a single team, it's running through and the previous week. You know. They played Penn State. Know what what happens you got you got. You GotTa shut it down and and you'RE GONNA? Have obviously you know some regionalism plays into this College Football I. Just I'll be stunned if we see anything close to normalcy I've heard Paul Finebaum 's. You know quite cynically say he just doesn't think we're going to have anything close to a normal season. You'll have a lot of leagues that aren't are just maybe have abbreviated games and then give up or or not play games at all because of course, every college is is approaching it differently. I've got two daughters and college. My youngest is going to Fordham as as a freshman. Fordham is dealing with it differently than my oldest was supposed. Austin University her her university so in how they're in their planning for the fall, so every school is different Every a conference is going to be different and I grew the Jimmy. It has sort of flown into the radar screen of what college football is going to be like and but more likely not. We're not GONNA see we're not gonNA see too many college football games this fall. I I mean I can see the SEC playing their own sort of conference tournament, and no one else going it. Yes, go. Yeah, that's that's most likely thing. Absolutely. Yes, he see. The SEC will bowl rush through the way the NFL trying to rush through a covert. And remember you know there was all this discussion. The summer is going to be better. Things are going to turn around once we get out of the winter and spring months, and and half the country is spiking as we're heading towards July fourth. Which is really I? Think I think to get your first question, Jimmy. That's why it's I'm feeling like you. It's it's depressing like enough already like this is supposed to be the lull. And it's this bad. What's it? GonNa be like an October November But what's depressing for me is the reaction of people who don't WanNa wear masks. Because of their quote, unquote freedoms. You know the video, the constant barrage of videos of an old guy pushing. A, worker Walmart out of his way to get into the store without a man..

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